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30 Weeks Pregnant

We’re about 30 weeks in, with two and a half months left until Baby Girl gets here. And I think it’s safe to say that the “sweet spot” I was in last time is loooong gone. It was beautiful while it lasted, gang! We’ve got aches, we’ve got pains, we’ve got a little waddle starting to develop that I’m fighting as fiercely as I can. ūüėČ But so far baby is still healthy and I’m still going to the gym so I’m counting those as major wins. Here’s some more. xoxo


EATING literally just watermelon for dinner.

DRINKING like a camel. Do camels drink a lot? Maybe I just feel like a camel because I have a big hump in my middle.

READING¬†welllllll NOT any baby books. And I just sort of realized that maybe I should do a little refresher on newborn stuff like sleep training and breastfeeding. I feel pretty confident in most of the stuff that I remember with Henry, but I’m sure that there are details that we forgot in our newborn stupor.

WANTING my body back. I’m so grateful (SO SO BLESSED) to be able to carry this baby and that she’s on the way, but I definitely feel the toll that a second baby is taking on my body. It’s uncomfortable bordering on painful at times and I’m really feeling the strain of carrying around 20 extra pounds. My tailbone aches, my feet are so tender in the mornings I can’t walk well, and my ligaments are stretching in ways that they just didn’t last time. Ouch.

SLEEPING is annoying. Can we just leave it at that?

WEARING the same maternity clothes over and over because I refuse to buy any more. We can make it 10 more weeks in what we have, for crying out loud!

FEELING so excited for the fall, for a little maternity leave, and to just snuggle up and focus on family toward the end of the year.

LOVING¬†my husband and every single little thing he does to try to help our family through a really crazy season! Pregnancy, renovation, parenting a toddler — we are in the deep end right now and he is keeping us all afloat.

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  1. Aww congrats on the upcoming baby girl! By my fourth pregnancy I know I was DONE with being pregnant lol. It’s hard on the body for sure.

  2. I think it’s funny that our family-making lives are basically parallel! I’ve got a little guy who is 20 months, and baby girl on the way! I love your honesty about family life and babies, and wish you the best with this one! It’s been kind of tough to wrap my head around a baby girl, after being so IN LOVE with our baby boy, but it’s an exciting new challenge!