Pretty Gold Personalized Jewelry for Mom

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The prettiest gold personalized jewelry for mom! Add a special date, name, or initial to any of these delicate gold pieces — a perfect gift.

Personalized Jewelry Ideas for Moms

After Henry was born, I started wearing these earrings that had a tiny H on one ear and a tiny R on the other. I remember my sister was like, “I never thought you were that person!” but I was pumped to wear my two dudes’ initials loud and proud.

And then after Maggie was born, I got myself this necklace with an R, an H, and an M on it, because I knew our family was complete.

I wear it almost every day and I love it — it’s like carrying my people around with me. I know lots of other moms who have variations on the same idea, so I thought a roundup of 11 pieces of personalized jewelry for mom might be a hit.

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How to Wear Delicate Gold Jewelry

I love all of these because they’re delicate and gold, although lots of them come in silver as well!

But the simplicity and delicate nature of each is what really calls to me. They all look great layered or stacked, especially pieces with varying sizes and shapes.

You can dress them up or dress them down and they look great either way.

Ideas for What to Put On Personalized Jewelry

Lots of these are simple and classic. Add an initial of your child, your partner, your bestie, or even your pet.

But there are lots more ideas to add to personalized jewelry for mom!

Add a special date like a wedding, a first date, a birthday, or the first day you met.

Use the coordinates of a place where something special happened — the location of a birth, a death, a marriage, and more.

Or go extra special and engrave one of these pieces with an inside joke, a quote, or a special word.

Personalized Gold Necklaces

Maya Brenner Initial Necklaces This is the one I wear. It’s so delicate and perfect! I love the Maya Brenner necklaces because if you have another child or want to add another letter, you can send it back and they’ll add an additional letter for a charge.

Initial Disc Pendant This one would be great for giving a mom with her own initial on it, too. It would be great for layering or wearing every day.

Initial Pendant Bar Necklace Love the way this looks on. A perfect gift for a new mom, a bestie, a wedding or baby shower, and so many other big life moments.

Cut Out Initial Necklace This one comes with two initials; perfect if you’ve got multiple kiddos, or want to include the initials of all of your best friends.

Vertical Bar Coordinate Necklace The simplicity of this one is so pretty. Add latitude and longitude coordinates of a special place. There are so many places I could think of to add to this! The coordinates of a special vacation or a honeymoon would be so romantic.

Morse Code Bar Necklace You can add a whole message in Morse Code on this simple gold bar! There’s lots of space to include a whole sentence.

Personalized Gold Earrings, Rings, and Bracelets

Maya Brenner Alphabet Studs The ones I used to wear, before Maggie came along! I love having one initial in one ear and a different one in the other. If you have multiple piercings, these also look great mixed with other pieces.

Disc Ring How pretty would these be stacked up with the initials of everyone in your family? I love that idea, or even with the initials of all of your fur babies.

Roman Numeral Bangle Bracelet A gorgeous way to commemorate a special date. This one is so modern and sleek, and would look great stacked with some gold chain bracelets.

Engraved Letter Ring You can write anything you want on this delicate little ring — a name, a date, an inside joke! They also look great stacked. I love these as a pinky or thumb ring.

Coordinates Cuff This chic and simple gold cuff is another place where you can add the location coordinates of a special event, or a special home.

Jewelry Without Personalization

If the mom or bestie in your life isn’t a fan of the personalized vibe, some delicate gold-toned jewelry can still be such a lovely gift! I love stacking a few bracelets with different sizes and textures like this chain bracelet and this delicate double chain.

Spread some sunshine with a pretty pendant, and complement it with some classic gold hoops.

Or for the mega-minimalist, I love this wide gold ring and wear it alone or in a stack all the time.

Don’t be shy, y’all — send this link to your partner or your bestie, because these aren’t just for moms. They’re for anybody with a sentimental heart like yours truly. xoxo

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  1. You have shared some good tips. But I would like to buy a gift for my step-mom. But I don’t have any better idea what should I for her. She is about 65 years. Do you have any legitimate idea? Thanks!

  2. This article looks so pretty. It’s really difficult to gift jewelry because of it’s high value. Anyway, if this gift is for mom then no hesitation. Though I already gifted a car to my mom. She had high demand for a new car. I also installed a vin decoder on it If someone the car is stolen or lost then I can find out it easily.