11 Personalized Jewelry Gifts for Moms

Personalized Jewelry Ideas for Moms

After Henry was born, I started wearing these earrings that had a tiny H on one ear and a tiny R on the other. I remember my sister was like, “I never thought you were that person!” but I was pumped to wear my two dudes’ initials loud and proud. And then after Maggie was born, I got myself this necklace with an R, an H, and an M on it, because I knew our family was complete. I wear it almost every day and I love it — it’s like carrying my people around with me. I know lots of other moms who have variations on the same idea, so I thought a roundup of 11 personalized jewelry gifts for moms might be a hit this time of year! (Especially with Black Friday coming up!) Don’t be shy, y’all — send this link to your husband or your boyfriend or your bestie, because these aren’t just for moms. They’re for anybody with a sentimental heart like yours truly. xoxo

Maya Brenner Initial Necklaces This is the one I wear. It’s so delicate and perfect!

Threaded Disc Pendant This one would be great for giving a mom with her own initial on it, too.

Maya Brenner Alphabet Studs The ones I used to wear, before Maggie came along!

Initial Pendant Bar Necklace Love the way this looks on. A perfect gift for a new mom. And here’s a version that’s a little more affordable too.

Disc Ring How pretty would these be stacked up with the initials of everyone in your family?

Roman Numeral Bangle Bracelet A gorgeous way to commemorate a special date.

Cut Out Initial Necklace This one comes with two initials; perfect if you’ve got two kiddos!

Engraved Letter Ring You can write anything you want on this delicate little ring — a name, a date, an inside joke!

Vertical Bar Coordinate Necklace The simplicity of this one is so pretty. Add latitude and longitude coordinates of a special place.

Coordinates Ring Same idea, but in a chic and simple gold band.

Morse Code Bar Necklace Include any three letters you like, in Morse Code! So cool.

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