Kindness Advent Calendar for Adults : 2 Minute Ideas

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Advent calendars aren’t just for kids! This kindness advent calendar for adults is filled with small ideas to embrace the spirit of the season every day.

advent calendar for adults
advent calendar for adults

Lots of advent calendars are stuffed with candy, trinkets, or little holiday goodies.

But this one is stuffed with things to fill your heart, rather than your stomach!

This advent calendar is specifically designed for adults but the whole family can participate because of the simplicity of it. I think you’re going to love this!

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advent calendar for adults

What’s in the Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar?

In the calendar that I created years ago, there are all kinds of fun and festive things to do to brighten your neighborhood at Christmas.

Each day held a different idea of a small kindness to do.

Things like delivering candy canes to neighbors, drawing holiday chalk art with friends, baking cookies for others, and so on.

But truthfully, as the kids have gotten older and our schedules have become more impacted, those activities have started to stress me out.

We don’t have the easy, open schedule that we did when the kids were babies.

And as much as I want to, I don’t have time to manage doing those activities every day.

But I still wanted a way to weave kindness and intention into our holiday season, and I didn’t want it to be just for my kids.

I wanted something to help me remember to look outwards this season, even in a small and intentional way every day.

Variations on This Advent Calendar

I’ve also created two new downloads that you can use with this advent calendar idea!

You can download another set of cards here that’s meant specifically for teens. Each idea is free and takes about 5 minutes.

And a third set of cards is here, meant for kids. Each idea is designed to teach empathy and consideration.

advent calendar for adults

How is the Advent Calendar for Adults Different?

There are three things I really love about this advent calendar for adults, so I’ll break it down for you.

First, it’s titled “for adults,” but I wrote each kindness so that theoretically any member of your family could also take part in it with you. You may have to adjust for little ones, but they’re easy enough that they’ll work for just about anybody.

Second, it’s specifically designed so that each kindness shouldn’t take more than about two minutes. I know how busy you are. I know how full your days are.

But I also know that those facts don’t stop you from wanting to share your heart with the world and do good for people.

The beautiful thing is, kindness doesn’t have to take big chunks of your day. Hopefully these little ideas will help kindness become more a mindset for you than anything else.

And finally, every idea here is free! No cost, no ingredients, just intention and presence.

advent calendar for adults

Easy Acts of Kindness for the Whole Family

If you’d like to know what you’re getting into before you download and print the advent calendar, I’ve listed out the kindness ideas below.

There is one for each day of advent, plus a few extras so you can leave out the ones that don’t suit you.

  1. Hold the door open for somebody today.
  2. Text a photo to a family member who would appreciate it.
  3. Pick up any trash that you see on the sidewalk throughout the day.
  4. Smile at someone and say hello.
  5. Ask how someone else is doing, and really listen to the answer.
  6. Wish somebody a good morning.
  7. Tell a friend something you admire about them.
  8. Offer for someone to cut in front of you in line.
  9. Write a quick thank you note to your mail carrier.
  10. Use a person’s name when you speak to them to make them feel special.
  11. If you see a friend looking lovely, offer to take a photo of them.
  12. Tell a friend or family member something you admire about them.
  13. Then you notice a friend doing something great, tell them out loud.
  14. Pick up something that somebody else drops.
  15. Make eye contact and say thank you to anyone who helps you throughout the day.
  16. Give a genuine compliment to someone you don’t often talk to.
  17. Say please before any request you make today.
  18. Give a hug or a high five to someone who needs it.
  19. Text or email a holiday message to someone you haven’t seen in a while.
  20. Leave a funny note for a friend to find.
  21. Encourage a friend or family member who is trying to reach a goal.
  22. When you say goodbye to someone, also wish them a great day.
  23. Say hello to someone you don’t often talk to.
  24. Write a list of five things that you’re grateful for (if there are people on it, tell them!).
  25. Make a no-screen rule for an hour or two and talk to friends or family instead.
  26. Write a note or email to a former teacher who made an impact on you.
  27. Smile at somebody who needs it.
advent calendar for adults

Supplies You’ll Need

Supplies for this advent calendar for adults are very minimal, which I love.

You’ll need a computer and printer, along with some white cardstock.

You can grab the printable files below.

You might also find that having a paper cutter is very helpful in cutting out the cards.

Finally, you’ll want washi tape if you plan on displaying them by taping them to the wall.

advent calendar for adults

Other Display Ideas

If you like the version below, hanging from the gold ring, you’ll find instructions on how to do that here.

For younger kids or for a family who loves color, you can hang your advent calendar for adults using this felt hanger. The cards are created to be just the right size to slip into each pocket.

You can also just tape them up like the advent calendar below.

advent calendar for teens

How to Print and Create our Advent Calendar for Adults

These files come as free printables for you to enjoy! Enter your info below to download the cards for the Advent Calendar for Adults.

And if you’d like to download the envelopes that go with them, you can get those in this post.

You’ll also find instructions for creating the advent calendar here.

I hope this idea becomes a treasured tradition and valued part of your holidays! xoxo

advent calendar for adults

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