Choosing Wall Art for a Dining Room

Here’s an incredibly easy and beautiful hack for breathing new life into your dining room with wall art!

Seven years ago, we remodeled our home and created a dining room.

I love having a space for family and friends to gather, and this room in our house has seen countless parties, celebrations, and family dinners.

What it hasn’t seen? New art. Ever.

I hung a few photos on the wall that I had taken (which, by the way, were too small for the space), and sort of forgot that they existed.

So when the Desenio team suggested we collaborate, my head was spinning with endless possibilites and options for new wall art!

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How to Choose Wall Art

Desenio is one of home decor’s best kept secrets if you ask me. And I’m not one to gatekeep so I’m spreading this secret far and wide!

Their philosophy is that stylish wall art should be affordable to everyone. And the selection is so beautifully curated, I really feel like no matter your style you can find some amazing choics.

But like… how do you choose wall art? It can feel so overwhelming to search through hundreds or even thousands of possibilities.

So I always recommend starting with (hear me out) a vibe.

I knew that in our dining room I wanted to choose pieces that made me feel like I was on vacation. So I started searching Desenios posters and prints using their filter tool to search themes like Food + Drink, Landscapes, and Maps + Cities.

From there you can use the Favorites tool to quickly mark your favorite pieces. Once you select a few, you can choose “View All Favorites” on Desenio’s site to see if you have a theme emerging, or if you’ve chosen some pieces that might work well together!

The Perfect Size Wall Art for a Dining Room

Now let’s talk size!

I wanted poster-size prints with some smaller sizes mixed in to create some visual interest. I also chose some sizes that I could rearrange in a few different ways to switch it up.

But as you’re considering size, be sure that you choose something that won’t overwhelm your space, or be too small for a larger wall.

Many of the pieces on Desenio come in multiple sizes so you can customize exactly what you need. They also have some really simple, pretty (and affordable!) framing options to give the art a finished look.

Choosing Colors

After choosing about 40 favorite pieces, I scrolled through them all and definitely saw a color palette taking shape!

I had gravitated toward a combination of cerulean, blush pink, and some yellow accents. So I narrowed down and chose some pieces that would work well together.

I also love the idea of putting together a few pieces for a gallery wall using just one color for inspiration — so striking! This gallery wall page has lots of inspiration to get you thinking.

And finally, the big question: how do you make it all look good together on the wall?

I ended up with six pieces that are interchangeable, and I’ve already tried a couple of different configurations.

To make the gallery wall process incredibly foolproof, you can use Desenio’s gallery wall tool. You can choose from lots of different configurations, then pop any of the pieces on the site into a template so that you can see how your art would look up on a wall.


I’d love to know what kind of art you’d put in a dining room — let me know your favorites! xoxo

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