Keeping it Real // Our Manifesto

Keep it real

I’ve been doing a lot of checking in with myself, especially since this post. It was so wonderful to hear you all chiming in, and heartening to know that so many of us often feel the same way. So we’ve been going back to our Lovely Indeed basics a bit lately, to be sure that our compass is straight and we’re spending time on the things that matter to us. And when I do that, I always go back to our manifesto. I’m not sure if you’ve ever read it but you should give it a read — it’s everything we strive to be here, and reflects the way we like to live. One of my favorite parts: Loveliness isn’t difficult or expensive. It’s not exclusive or elusive. It’s everywhere, and there’s plenty to go around. Check it the rest of it; hope it inspires your day! xoxo

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