How to Customize Your Record Player

June 29 2016 |

How to Customize a Crosley Record Player

How to Customize a Crosley Record Player

Mr. Lovely is waaaaay into vinyl and as a result I’ve gotten sucked into hunting for records and searching for the perfect turntable. A couple of years back he got a Crosley portable turntable for Christmas to keep in the studio, and we spin records in there while we work when we get sick of our playlists. But I got bored with it one day and decided that it would look way better with a little pop of pattern and color on the inside, so we experimented and I’m loving the way it turned out!


Make Time: 45 Minutes

Step 1: Measure the dimensions of the inside of the record player lid. You’ll need measurements for the large back side, and all four small rectangular adjacent sides.

Step 2: Measure out and mark these dimensions on your white vinyl. Cut out the pieces and adhere them to the corresponding areas of the inside of the lid. The white vinyl will help make the patterned paper appear more smooth, and also make it so that you can easily remove the paper should you ever wish.

Step 3: Measure out and mark the dimensions of the large back side of the lid on your patterned paper. Tip: If you’re marking with pencil, make the marks on the back side of the paper to avoid smudging.

Step 4: Cut out this piece and line the back side with double stick tape. Place this down over the white vinyl and smooth it down on all edges.

Yay! The zebras are pretty happy in there listening to their music all day. And I love that with this project nothing is permanent — the record player is protected from damage and you can always switch out the paper or take it off completely if you want to. So if pops of color and zebras ever go out of style (are you KIDDING ME?! 😉 ) you’ll be good to go. xoxo

How to Customize a Crosley Record Player

How to Customize a Crosley Record Player

How to Customize a Crosley Record Player

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