How to Make Your Own Boggle Game


I think that we’re heading into my favorite season of them all here on Lovely Indeed: DIY game season! These are the projects that I love the most all year, because they’re not only pretty but totally functional. Best of all they’re meant to bring friends and family together. I’m big into word games lately, so it only seemed appropriate to start off with a tutorial on how to make your own Boggle game!

How to make your own Boggle game

How to make your own Boggle game

Part of why I love making tutorials for these DIY games is because you can really get creative with your size, shape, and color palette. And lots of times, the games we create can double as something else. So while I was over here dreaming up how to make your own Boggle game, my kids thought I was just making them some really fun, colorful blocks. Double duty DIY! That’s my kind of project, gang.

The other reason I love our DIY games so much is because they last. And last and last. They’re DIY projects that are meant to be used, handled, played with, and enjoyed. I love getting the chance to use these at our family game nights, and I love teaching our kids the basics of playing games. Honestly, if we’re getting deep about it, I think family game nights could be the answer to a lot of the world’s issues. 😉

But let’s get this game night started, right?

How to Make Your Own Boggle Game


Make Time: 1.5 Hours

Step 1: You’ll need 16 cubes to make the U.S. version of Boggle. Start by getting the appropriate alphabet stickers onto each cube. See the list below for the letters that belong on each cube; there are 6 letters per cube, place one letter on each side. As you place the letters, mix up the fonts on each cube so that there’s a variety of fonts on each one.


Step 2: Once your stickers are all placed, press them firmly to ensure that they’re completely adhered and no paint can sneak underneath. Decide the colors that you’d like to use and separate the cubes out into groups depending on how many of each color you’d like. (Colors, by the way, don’t matter at all — it’s just for looks so get creative and have fun!)

Step 3: Paint each cube your desired color, allowing to dry between coats if multiple coats are needed. As you’re painting, be careful around the alphabet stickers not to force any paint underneath the stickers.

Step 4: As soon as you’re done with your final coat, use the tweezers to peel away the alphabet stickers one by one. If you find that the stickers have soaked up some paint and gotten soggy, just keep tweezing away the layers of stickers until they all pull off. Set the cubes aside to dry completely and you’re ready to play!

A couple of notes about playing Boggle with this set! Usually, Boggle comes with a grid so that the blocks settle into the grid after you shake them. For this version, we recommend that you roll the cubes like dice (in one big handful), and once they settle, place them at random in a 4×4 grid on your playing surface. Be sure that you leave all the letters that landed upward facing in that direction. Once you have a grid, set a timer for three minutes and have each player find all the words he can. The points for words break down as follows:

4 (or fewer)-letter words: 1 point
5-letter words: 2 points
6-letter words: 3 points
7-letter words: 5 points
8 (or more)-letter words: 11 points

The player with the highest point value wins! I love this game. Ryan and I used to play an electronic version when we would travel on the subway living in NYC. I was to be pretty good but I have a feeling I’ve gotten rusty! I see some Boggle game nights in our near future. Hope you guys try this one out! And be sure to check out all our other DIY games right here. What game would you love to see next? Any requests? xoxo

P.S. Have you seen my favorite game that we’ve made?

How to make your own Boggle game

How to make your own Boggle game


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  1. These DIY games handmade by Family are like the little dolls my Grandma used to make for us—65 years later they’re still in the family!

  2. This has been my absolute favorite game to play since I was little and I’ve never thought to make my own! This is amazing and I’m totally going to make a set!!

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  4. I am a teacher working on creating my own boggle game to help students with short vowels. Do you have recommendations for cubes to create where I do a 3×3 board instead of a 4×4? Meaning only 9 cubes instead of 16? Thank you!