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DIY Backgammon Game

DIY Backgammon Game Art

DIY Backgammon Game Art

When I was looking around for materials to put together a DIY backgammon game, I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to use. We toyed with the idea of building it out of wood, or chipboard, or doing another leather roll-up game. But then my eyes fell on a bunch of blank canvases in my office and my brain was like ding! What if we make a game that doubles as art for your walls?! So we did. DIY backgammon game… art.


Make Time: 2 Hours (Plus Drying Time)

1. Paint your entire canvas in a bold, fun color. Set aside and allow it to dry.
2. While your canvas is drying, cut your backgammon points out of vinyl. The triangles for the points should have a base that’s one inch across and should be four inches tall. You’ll need 12 gold and 12 white.
3. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint your dice and doubling cube. Allow the top and sides to dry thoroughly before flipping them over to paint the bottom.
4. Once the canvas is dry, add a border of washi tape around all four edges, placing the tape flush with the edges of the canvas. Starting at one corner, add your points to the board. With the canvas placed vertically, place your first point in the lower left corner. Align the base with the edge of the washi tape. Place six points, alternating colors. Repeat the process, starting at each corner, so there is a space between the points in the center of the board. Be sure you’re alternating colors correctly!
5. To make the game pieces, follow the same instructions from our DIY checkers tutorial, cutting all measurements in half. This includes the amount you pour into each well of the ice cube tray — be sure to only use a half teaspoon to create each piece. Allow to dry and paint them in the same manner as the checkers. You’ll need 30 game pieces total.

DIY Backgammon Tutorial Steps

DIY Backgammon Game Art

The end! I confess: I had no idea how to play backgammon when I decided to make the game, but I’m learning now and it’s awesome. And our game board sits on a shelf in our office because it looks so cool to boot. Bam! Game art! Double win. What color would you paint your board? xoxo

DIY Backgammon Game Art

DIY Backgammon Game Art



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Tutorial photos by Lovely Indeed. All other photos by Scot Woodman.

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