DIY Mancala Game

How to Make a DIY Mancala Game for Game Night

How to Make a DIY Mancala Game for Game Night

I had never actually played mancala before I decided to make a DIY version, but now I have to say I’m hooked! It’s simple enough to play but really makes you think ahead and get a strategy going, which is probably why Ryan trounces me every time. Whatever. As long as I get to shuffle sparkly rhinestones around the board, I’m happy. This is also one of our easier and quicker DIY games, so let’s get on it!


Make Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a DIY Mancala Game

Step 1: Take the lids off of all your boxes to use for the game. Set the lower portion of the boxes aside for later, because we’ll have a DIY coming up soon that will use those!

Step 2: Start glueing together the hexagonal box lids to form the mancala board. I suggest glueing together 3 hexagons at a time; apply a thin strip of E6000 to one flat side of a box lid, and place the flat side of another lid against it. Secure with a clothespin while the glue is drying. Make four sets of three lids each.

Step 3: Once the glue is slightly tacky, take two sets of three lids and glue them together at the points with a dot of glue. Then take a rectangular lid and glue one long side to the end of the two sets of hexagons.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 with your remaining materials.

Step 5: Glue the two pieces together in the center, creating a full game board. Allow the glue to dry.

Step 6: In a well-ventilated area, spray paint your board. We created an ombre effect by painting one half of the board a dark color, then painting the other half a lighter color. While you’re applying the lighter color, move your paint can away from the board as you near the center to help get the ombre look.

That’s all! Let the paint dry, gather up your rhinestones, and don’t forget the rules! This one is so pretty it’s a shame to hide it away in a drawer, so be sure to leave it out on display on your coffee table. It would even be pretty on a table at a party, and give your guests a little ice breaker while they’re playing. Stay tuned for a few more DIY game projects, coming up soon! xoxo

How to Make a DIY Mancala Game for Game Night

How to Make a DIY Mancala Game for Game Night

How to Make a DIY Mancala Game for Game Night

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  1. In present DIY games are in trend. Because it forces you to use your creativity. And children are also seems very interested to play this kind of games, because it’s easy to play and it exercises your mind.

  2. Cute! I used to work at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia and I played mancala practically every day all summer! I’d never played before then, but I realized there can actually be some strategy to it.

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