Goodbye Tonsils Party Ideas and Free Printables

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When Henry got his tonsils out last month, we kind of went into hiding for a couple of weeks. Partially because it was all hands on deck helping a three-year-old recover with that kind of pain, and partially because I didn’t want to share too much of him when he was at his lowest. I wouldn’t want photos of myself recovering on the couch either! But to have something for him to look forward to, he and I planned a Ta-Ta Tonsils party! We had a few of his little buddies over once he was himself again, and I wanted to share our Goodbye Tonsils Party ideas and free printables!
goodbye tonsils party ideas and free printables

goodbye tonsils party ideas and free printables

goodbye tonsils party ideas and free printables

I did a bunch of research online for tonsil party ideas and really came up pretty empty! Has nobody ever celebrated getting rid of those nasty things?! So in an effort to add a little pizzazz to the internet (?), we had our pal Megan Roy design a bunch of awesome tonsil party printables and you can get them all right here. There’s everything from stickers to banners, so let’s show you everything we did.


Megan designed a few key pieces for us that we then formatted and used in different ways. We’ve got a banner, temporary tattoos, stickers, placemats, iron-ons, and labels. Each piece is broken down below with a quick tutorial and links to the materials we used to put them together. All downloads are listed below.



Download our Tonsils Banner and print onto white yardstick, then cut out each letter along the line where the grid ends. Then use a hole punch to punch two holes at the outer edges of the top of each letter. String some twine through the holes and hang your banner up. We put a few little balloons on each end of the banner.

goodbye tonsils party ideas and free printables

goodbye tonsils party ideas and free printables


Download the Tonsils Tattoos and print onto printable temporary tattoo paper using your home ink jet printer. Trim around each tattoo as closely to the design as you can. Follow the instructions on the tattoo paper packaging for application. (One note here! These tattoos left behind a sticky residue on the skin, but ours came off nice and easy when we rubbed them with a little coconut oil.)


Download the Tonsils Stickers and print them onto adhesive label sheets. Once printed, trim around each sticker. To make it easier for the kiddos to peel off the backing, I peeled them ahead of time and placed the stickers onto sheets of freezer paper. They’re really easy to pull off and keep all of their stick.

goodbye tonsils party ideas and free printables


Download our Tonsils Placemat. This file is best printed on a larger sheet, so we took ours to our local print shop and had them put it on 11×17″ paper. You could also resize and print at home for a smaller version.

goodbye tonsils party ideas and free printables


Download the Tonsils Iron-On file and print onto iron-on sheets. (Note! Our sheets did not need for the image to be reversed, but if you’re using a different iron-on paper be sure to check whether you need to mirror the image for the words to be correct.) We used these drawstring bags and followed instructions on the iron-on packaging to transfer the image onto the bags.

goodbye tonsils party ideas and free printables

Goodbye Tonsils Party Ideas

Once all the printables are in place, the party is super simple! For food and drinks, we did hot dogs and tater tots, with fruit and veggies on the side. We served the food in these these baskets, which we had left over from Henry’s Cars birthday. We had some lidded cups for the kiddos, and that was about it! Dessert was ice cream with a custom sprinkle mix that we put together. There’s an entire post devoted to that right here, and you can also get the sprinkles label here.

goodbye tonsils party ideas and free printables

goodbye tonsils party ideas and free printables

Henry wanted some tonsils-themed trinkets to give to his friends. The party kind of had an ice cream theme, because he ate a lot of ice cream in recovery. So we put ice cream cone shooters and ice cream cone bubbles in a drawstring muslin bags, along with some wind-up teeth, some tattoos, and a jar of the custom sprinkle mix.

For activities, we let the kids play with their goody bag toys, and I set up a little art table with some paper, our printed stickers, crayons, and dot paints. The art table was a big hit!

goodbye tonsils party ideas and free printables

goodbye tonsils party ideas and free printables

After the party was over I realized I didn’t take one single picture while everyone was here. I always feel like that means we were having a pretty good time. 😉 I was just so happy that little dude was feeling good, and glad to be able to celebrate him getting all recovered. He loved all the printables that Megan did (especially the “Nothing To See Here” mouth), and it was so neat to see them all come to life for our shindig. And not that I’d wish a tonsillectomy on any kid, but if yours is having one I hope these ideas help brighten everyone’s day! xoxo

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  1. The sticker/tattoo designs are HILARIOUS! I love this! I almost want to have my tonsils out! haha!