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Sprout by HP

Sprout by HP

Since my last project using HP’s Sprout, I’ve been getting to know the machine a little better and testing the boundaries of what it can do. This time around I wanted to use the overhead camera and scanner features a little more, and try out a few different materials to see how they’d photograph. Initially I was trying to think of things to toss onto the touchpad to see how they’d photograph (fresh flowers? washi tape? my child?), and then it hit me that it might be fun to see how it would work with something reflective. So…. glitter.

Gold Glitter

You’ll be happy to know that it worked fantastically. You’ll also be happy to know that my glitter shenanigans resulted in a crazy, sparkly, bossy desktop wallpaper that you can download right here. You’ll be happiest to know that all remnants of our glitter fiasco have been obliterated thanks to our handy DustBuster. (Although I’m not gonna lie, there was more than one time that I was feeding Henry and looked down to find a speck of gold glitter in his hair.)


Sprout by HP

But I digress. This feature on the Sprout is totally fun! You can put items on the mat, scan or photograph them, and then manipulate them with the computer to add them to your design work. It’s kind of brilliant, and a very hands-on approach to design which is a refreshing change from just working with images on a computer all the time. It’s very cool to be able to touch and rearrange things on the mat and capture them right there, without using your own camera as a middle man. Kind of a new way to work, but it’s exciting!

Working at Lovely Indeed

Yeah Glitter Desktop Wallpaper

And so friends, I hope this glittery goodness finds its way onto your desktop. For more info about the Sprout and to see it in action, head right over here (Todd Selby’s video is particularly rad!). Yeah! xoxo


Photos by Scot Woodman

This post is sponsored by HP. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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  1. Ok, that is seriously impressive. I’ll probably always be a mac girl, but I can see how branching out to this new technology would do wonders if I was a designer!! Thanks for sharing the wallpaper too.