DIY IKEA Hack Geometric Wall Sconces

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We are allll about the IKEA hack up in this piece. I swear, if you went through our house and asked us where we got all our stuff, most of the time the answer would be IKEA. That, and West Elm. But you gotta mix the high with the low, you know what I’m sayin’? So when we want something that looks really cool but won’t cost an arm and a leg, we head to IKEA with our DIY goggles on.

We initially saw these sconces in this adorable little girl’s room makeover that Ashley did. We got pumped and knew we wanted to give them the DIY treatment. So we snagged a pair and Mr. Lovely got to work. Here’s how you can make ’em too!



Make Time: 2 Hours (Plus Drying Time)

So here’s the deal — sometimes Mr. Lovely takes off on a project without giving me fair warning and I don’t get any process photos. In fact, that happens quite a lot around the house and sometimes I don’t share things here because I don’t have good documentation of the process! But these were too good not to share so I’ll do my best to give you the lowdown without any photos.

Start by cutting your 2 x 4. Cut two identical pieces, on an angle of your choosing, to make your diamond. Our pieces were about 10″ long and cut on a 60 degree angle.


Next, stain or seal your wood if desired. We didn’t stain but we put two coats of sealer on the wood for a finished look.

Then, glue the long edges of the two pieces of wood together with wood glue to form the diamond.

On the back of the diamond, drill a small hole in the center, about two inches down from the top. Drill at an upward angle, pointing the drill bit toward the top of the diamond. This will be where you insert the nail or screw to hang the sconce on the wall.

On the front of the diamond, screw in the bracket for the light fixture. Attach the top screw to the top piece of wood and the bottom screw to the lower piece of wood for a little extra security.


Put the light fixture together by attaching the metal bracket to the clamp on the light. Then, insert a strong nail or a screw into your wall where you’d like your sconce hung. Hang the light on the nail and be sure it’s secure — we found that ours hung well with just a screw but be sure to check that yours are steady!


If you like, you can do some fancy loopy knots to your cord. That’s it! Light it up and enjoy your handiwork. Have you done any rad IKEA hacks lately? Leave a link in the comments if you have! xoxo




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  5. I’m trying to do this and it is not working. It looks like you used a 1×4 but your post says a 2×4 and the angle, at 60, is a lot steeper. I also can’t get the points to be correct on both sides of the points. Did you husband flip the angles on the 2nd cut? Any input would be great. Thank you.