DIY Printable Spring Calling Cards

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DIY Printable Calling Cards

DIY Printable Calling Cards

I kind of love the idea of an old school calling card. People don’t do that any more! But how rad is it to be able to leave a classy little card when you stop by someone’s house? I had been wanting to put some modern calling cards together and had this idea of hand-drawing some patterns for them. I’ve also been wanting to put my new Sprout to work, so it was the perfect chance to mess around with some pattern making!

DIY Printable Calling Cards

Have you heard of the Sprout from HP? This thing is, I have to admit, pretty cool. It’s a new take on a computer, with a big fat extra boost of creative possibilities. The touchpad allows you to draw, sketch, scan, take photos (even 3D photos!) and put all of your ideas together so that they can come to life. I have another couple of projects coming up that use the scanner and camera, but this time I really wanted to use the super-easy painting options on the touchpad. So I made you these fun patterns! Read on for the full tutorial to make yourself some fresh spring calling cards.

DIY Printable Calling Cards

DIY Printable Calling Cards


Make Time: 20 Minutes

Start by downloading the three files from the materials list and printing out a copy of each, on white cardstock.

DIY Printable Calling Cards

Decide which pattern you’d like as a backing to your calling cards (or you can mix and match!). Use the glue stick to stick the cards to the backing pattern.

DIY Printable Calling Cards


Cut out the cards using scissors or a paper cutter.



Leave cards wherever you go! They’re perfect for dropping little notes here and there.


We’re bringing back the art of the calling card, guys! How classy are we? And as a side note, the pattern sheet downloads can be used for a whole boatload of other projects — let me know if you find another use for them, I’d love to see it. Can’t wait to share the next project I’m cooking up with the Sprout! xoxo




 Photos by Scot Woodman

This post is sponsored by HP. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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  1. That kind of equipment must be very helpful in your work. And cards that were created with this computer are really cool.

  2. These are super cute! Love them! I don’t know if its just me but the stripes pattern download link keeps going to the dots pattern download.

  3. Those are actually really adorable. I think the patterns would be great for scrapbooks, as well as oh EASTER! Treat bag printables, backgrounds for Easter DIY quote decor… the list goes on!

  4. I love the calling cards! I want to immediately use them as gift tags but I ‘m afraid that the links are not fixed yet.. I can’t download them.. =(

    1. Hi Pandora,
      Just checked and the links seem to be working fine! Give them a moment to load — they’re pretty large files. If that doesn’t work, try clearing your cache or switching to a different browser. Thanks so much!