family wedding photos


Phewph!  Now that we’re back from our whirlwind honeymoon, I’d love to start sharing some little details of the wedding!  Our photographer Joelle (from Joelle Pulido Photography) captured so many lovely things, and I’m grateful to have these little snippets to share.  Let’s talk vintage pictures.

Mr. Lovely and I thought it would be a cool little way to include our families and some history if we went through some of our old family photos and displayed them at our reception.  After looking and sifting and sorting, we decided to narrow it down to wedding photos of our parents and grandparents, and have them on the cake table.  I just love old photos to begin with, and to see your own family members on one of the happiest days of their lives (so many years ago, for some!) is just beyond cool.

Which are your faves?  And can you guess who’s who?  xoxo

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  1. Is that Linda wearing her mom’s wedding dress?? I still love the photo of Irving and Sylvia. Since they eloped there were no wedding photos, and this was the closest we could find.

  2. my cousin also displayed old family wedding photos for her wedding last summer. such a touching idea.