we got married

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Maybe – just maybe – the perfect day.  The morning was girls running around in robes and jammies, doing hair and makeup.  There was family coming and going, and lunch, and all of a sudden there was Mr. Lovely in a pretty sharp-looking suit.

Then there were bridesmaids and groomsmen and more family, and a red ’57 Chevy Bel Air to take us across town to tie the knot.

And finally there was a church and a steeple, and all the people we care about inside.  There was music, and singing, and tears and smiles, and love that just about popped the building open.

I won’t lie — the after party was just as good.  Come back tomorrow to see a little more.  And let’s clap it up for Joelle at Joelle Pulido Photography, for taking all of these amazing photos (that I can’t seem to stop staring at).  xoxo

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