diy valentine: reusable coffee sleeves

It’s totally time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day!  I know what you’re thinking — Valentine’s Day?!  I just finished Christmas!  What’s next?  Halloween again?

And you would be right.  But!  If you want to get your DIY on, you’ve gotta plan a little bit in advance, no?  And if I wanna help you get your DIY on, I’ve gotta plan even more in advance.  Hence the Valentine’s Day talk in the middle of January.

But I digress!  I’ve got the perfect DIY for all of you coffee-loving, Earth-friendly movers and shakers:  upcycled and reusable coffee sleeves, just the right size to fit over all those Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and Peet’s cups.

It’s a piece of cake:  just download this template, cut it out, and trace it onto some thick fabric.  I used felt for one, and a scrap of faux suede from an old purse for another.  After you’ve traced, cut out the fabric and either sew or hot glue the ends together, overlapping as far as the marked section on the template.  Then cut a heart from another swatch of fabric and sew or glue it on.  I chose to use some embroidery thread and make big stitches for some embellishment.

Keep them for yourself, or give them to a coffee (or tea)-loving friend for Valentine’s Day!  They weigh nothing, so keep ’em in your purse to use every time you visit a coffee shop (the Earth will thank you for laying off of the cardboard ones).  xoxo

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