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DIY Acrylic Travel Phone Stand

How to Make an Acrylic Phone Stand

How to Make an Acrylic Phone Stand

How to Make an Acrylic Phone Stand

I have to tell you, this DIY was like the perfect storm. I’ve had all of this awesome acrylic hanging around, dreaming up projects to use it on. Aside from that, we have some travel coming up and we’ve started letting Henry play little games on our phone sometimes when he hits a wall while we travel (Peek-a-Boo Barn is our current savior). And then, the folks at Dremel contacted us to team up on a travel-inspired DIY, and everything fell into place! Do you know the exact best tool I’ve found to cut through acrylic? You guessed it. A Dremel tool. We prototyped one of these little DIY travel phone stands and it was so easy to make with the Dremel I was jumping for joy. So now when we’re traveling, we’ve got a place to set our phones if Henry needs a distraction or if we want to watch a movie. And the stand folds up flat and tiny, so it’s pretty easy to tote along.  What did I tell you?! The perfect storm.


Make Time: 1 Hour (Plus Drying Time)

How to Make an Acrylic Phone Stand

Step 1: Download and print our phone stand template. Cut out along the border.

Step 2: Leave the protective covering on your acrylic sheet. Place the cut-out template on a corner of the sheet, aligning it with the edges. Trace the template. Flip the template over and repeat on the opposite corner of the sheet. You should have two mirrored pieces traced.

Step 3: Put on your protective goggles and gloves. Clamp the acrylic sheet to a work table so that one traced portion is free.

Step 4: Attach the cut-off wheel attachment made for plastic. Holding the tool away from the acrylic, turn on the tool. Holding the blade at a 90-degree angle to the plastic, begin to carefully cut along the traced lines. Cut along the long lines first, leaving the more detailed areas for last.

Step 5: We recommend cutting out the long lines first, and not cutting the actual notch where the phone will rest. Cut both pieces free from the larger acrylic sheet in this way.

Step 6: Once both pieces are free, stack them on one another and re-clamp. Use the cutting tool to even any uneven edges. Then use the cutting tool to shave away a large notch in the area where the phone will rest. (We tried a few different attachments for this, but got the best results with the single attachment. Feel free to experiment with others!) Turn off the tool and remove your protective gear.

Step 7: Once all edges are smooth, peel away the protective covering from the acrylic.

Step 8: Place a dollop of glue on either side of two small hinges.

Step 9: Carefully glue the hinges to both pieces of acrylic, being sure they’re even. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

To use your stand, just open it to about a 45-degree angle and place your phone in the little notch! It’ll work with your phone both horizontally or vertically, so you can use it however you need. And if you like to tote your tablet with you, just enlarge the template to a size that will work for however large your tablet is! Use it on your next trip, or even just to set up your tech on your desk at home. Happy making! xoxo

How to Make an Acrylic Phone Stand

How to Make an Acrylic Phone Stand


This post is sponsored by Dremel. All ideas and opinions are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the sponsors who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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16 thoughts on “DIY Acrylic Travel Phone Stand

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  2. I had never thought about using a dremel to cut through acrylic. Plastic in general is one of those materials that you’re not sure how to deal with, but I’ll have to try my dad’s dremel. I love trying to build little things like this by hand, so thanks for the tips!

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  4. That phone stand is absolute perfect. There have been so many time when I need something to prop my phone up. I love how you chose to build it it out of cut-to-size plastic rather than wood. Do you know where I can find some in fun colors like that pink?