Announcing a Second Baby

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How to Announce a Second Baby

So it turns out, having a second baby comes with all kinds of conundrums. Where do you put it? How do both kids sleep at the same time? Do you really need a second baby shower? Do you even announce it in the same way? I kind of mentioned it on Friday, but I feel like so many times a second pregnancy goes a little uncelebrated. And it makes me feel bad for the kid! Yes, babies are born every day, and maybe after the excitement of the first baby things die down a little bit, but I’m jumping for just as much joy this time around. So after debating whether or not to send a full-blown baby announcement, we both came to the conclusion that we really wanted to let our friends and family know in a personal way, and went for it.

Our go-to is always Minted for customizable stationery. We’ve got it down to a science, and these literally took me about 20 minutes to customize and order (including having them addressed and return-addressed for me!). I looooove the Minted process because you can really take a card and make it into anything you like. We used this birth announcement and adjusted it to be a pregnancy announcement, no problem. It’s brilliant!

As for a photo, we didn’t want to go too cheesy — just fun photos of our little family with something extra as a nod to the new little nugget. So a balloon was our stand-in. Turns out, Henry was thrilled to have a photoshoot with a balloon. Who knew? Thing was hours of entertainment afterward, too. Ryan kept wanting to tuck his shirt in and put a bowtie on him and even though it’s so cute I can’t stand it, the bowtie photos ended up on the cutting room floor. So here are some bowtie photos for good measure.

Little boy in a bowtie holding a balloon

We also used our tried-and-true method of taking our own photos with the process we outlined for you here. Sometimes it’s just easier for us to run out and do a photoshoot on a whim, rather than hire a photographer and go through all of that hooplah. So if you need to snap some family photos, check out our tutorial on how you can do it on your own. We picked and edited our favorite snap and popped it onto our announcement card. Piece of cake.

So excited to be sharing these little projects with you for Baby #2! Anybody out there have more than one little one? Did you announce it in the same way as your first? I’d love to know your thoughts on announcing a second kiddo! xoxo

How to Announce a Second Baby

How to Announce a Second Baby

This post is sponsored by Minted. All opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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  1. Oh Yeah!!! Congratulations!!!! Best wishes this 2nd time around! Love your announcement!! =)

  2. Congratulations!!! This announcement is pure perfection! Now I definitely want to do something like this when I have kids. 😀 It’s so cool to see your sweet little family grow. Best wishes and congrats again!