How to Make a Tissue Paper Photo Backdrop for Parties

Here’s a DIY photo backdrop that packs a major punch and can be used again and again! The most important component of this project is this photo backdrop frame, which is such a great tool to have in your arsenal. We use ours all the time in the studio, for so many various backdrops and projects. A great little investment for under $50! And now, here’s how to make a tissue paper photo backdrop for parties!

How to Make a Tissue Paper Photo Backdrop for Parties

How to Make a Tissue Paper Photo Backdrop for Parties

How to Make a Tissue Paper Photo Backdrop for Parties

My pal Chris at 25th Hour Films is an absolute genius of a doll of a human. And he’s to thank for that super rad video.

How to Make a Tissue Paper Photo Backdrop for Parties


Make Time: 3 Hours

Step 1: Start by cutting your tissue paper. We used 6 packages of tissue paper that each had 48 sheets, 20×30 inches. We cut each sheet into quarters.

Step 2: Set up your photo backdrop so that it’s at least 8 feet tall and 7 feet wide. Cut your chicken wire to your desired size (our backdrop was 7 feet by 5 feet). Attach the chicken wire to the frame with zip ties, placing a zip tie every foot or two along all edges.

Step 3: Decide the color arrangement that you’d like for your tissue paper. We did an ombré arrangement, but the sky’s the limit, so use your imagination! Plan accordingly depending on where you would like each color. Start stuffing your tissue! We found it easiest to grab the tissue in the middle of the piece, pinch/twist in the middle, and stuff that into the chicken wire. Once the piece is firmly tucked into one of the holes in the chicken wire, fluff up the outer pieces of the tissue paper so that they’re full and ruffly.

Step 4: Continue stuffing! As you work, it helps a lot to step back and look at the backdrop as a whole to get some perspective. Let that guide your color decisions, and keep stepping back every so often to make sure it’s taking shape in the way that you want it to. Keep stuffing tissue until it’s completely full!

A few notes. We’ve gotten lots of questions about moving the backdrop. I think it would probably be the easiest to make this project in the location where it will ultimately be displayed. That being said, I think you could probably create it offsite, then cut the chicken wire free from the frame and gently roll it up with the tissue facing the center of the roll. Cover it with a sheet or a tarp for transportation, and then once at the location, reattach it to the frame with zip ties. You’ll most likely lose some pieces of tissue paper along the way, but they’ll be simple enough to stuff back in.

And there you go: how to make a tissue paper backdrop for parties! We’ve had dozens of people try this project, and it turns out great every time! If you try it, be sure to send us a photo of your creation to [email protected] And for more of our photo backdrop ideas, head right over here! xoxo

How to Make a Tissue Paper Photo Backdrop for Parties

How to Make a Tissue Paper Photo Backdrop for Parties

How to Make a Tissue Paper Photo Backdrop for Parties

118 thoughts on “How to Make a Tissue Paper Photo Backdrop for Parties”

  1. I love you bougies so much that my eyes popped out of my face from all the cute overload and love. AMAZING video and WONDERFUL project!

  2. I’m definitely doing this for my wedding. Thanks for the inspiration! I did have a question – how many sheets of tissue paper did you need? i’m looking at 48 sheets that are 20×30. would 3 of these be enough or do you think more?

    1. Hi Dzung! Glad you like it! I think you might need a little more than three packages of 48 sheets. Maybe 5 or so? It depends on how full you’d like to the backdrop to be, but you can’t go wrong with more. If you don’t have enough tissue you’ll end up having holes and being able to see through the backdrop. I’d say try 5 packages and cut the 20×30 sheet into quarters so it makes 4 sheets each. Hope that helps!

  3. Congrats ! It’s amazing !
    I would like to Know how long does it take you to perform this beautiful tissue paper photobooth.

  4. Very cute idea! I want to do this for a birthday party but I don’t know where to get that much tissue paper for the cheapest. Any Suggestions?

  5. I feel in love with this backdrop.. I just had to make it!! I ended up doing so for my cousins baby shower and everyone loved it! The hardest part for me was having to make it at home and then transporting it to the venue!
    I would love for you to check out the picture of it and tell me what you think!

      1. Hi Josellen! We set ours up on location, but I think you could probably set it up and then roll the chicken wire in on itself for transport. I would wrap it in a sheet or something similar to avoid losing tissue paper. Thanks!

  6. I LOVE you this idea. Just wondering how you transported this to the final site. Does the tissue paper fly out/fall out when it’s moved around?

  7. Hi there, this is a great DIY tutorial! I am in love with this idea and really wanting to do this for my son’s upcoming 2nd birthday party. I was just wondering what you used for the photo frame work? Thanks for your time.

  8. Hi there, just wondering how many packages of tissue paper this took give or take? I’ll be using the same backdrop stand and will be making the it the same size. Just not sure if I’ve got enough tissue paper as I can’t put it together until the day of the event. Just want to see if I’m in the ball park with the amount I have. Thanks!

  9. Hey there! This was such an awesome video. I was trying to create this look from colored coffee filters and plywood until I saw this and was Blown away by how simple materials could create such a statement backdrop. Hats off to you guys for sharing such creativity. Where were you able to get such a beautiful color palette of tissue paper from? Do you mind sharing the colors used in the video? I a. Trying to creating a similar palette?

  10. Hi there! i absolutely love this and I have a 4 by 5 ft frame i was wondering how big should i cut the squares and how many packages i need of each tissue paper. Thanks!! 🙂

  11. Looks so cool! I think I’m going to try this for my college apartment–a great but cheap look on a budget. I was thinking a metal clothing rack would work really well…or just the chicken wire itself on a custom wooden frame to create more permanent art. A couple dabs of hot glue should keep the tissue paper from falling out.

    Thanks for the cool idea!!!

  12. Hi i would like to create the same size back drop for my wedding, how much tissue paper is needed please? As can’t do i till on the day but worried I wont have enough. Thanks

    1. Hi Gemma! Unfortunately, I don’t have details on how many pieces exactly I used of each color. I just kind of stuffed until it looked good! I purchased the tissue paper at a party store, but a good place online to look might be at Papermart. They have a great selection of colors and various size packs. I would suggest getting a whole bunch of mini packs (maybe 15 or 20?) just to be on the safe side. Then, once you have the sheets in the mini pack that are 30″ x 20″, you can cut the sheets into quarters, and stuff them into the backdrop. That would probably work well. Be sure to send photos of the finished product, I’d love to see it!

  13. This is great! Just wondering if you know what gauge chicken wire you used. I’m planning on making this backdrop this weekend for a party and didn’t know if 1 inch was too small or 2 inch was too big haha. Thanks in advance!

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