DIY Painted Berry Baskets



The Target dollar aisle strikes again. I saw these plastic berry baskets a few weeks back and decided that they needed to come home with me. The blue wasn’t doing it for me, and my natural reaction to any color that I don’t like is “let’s paint it gold!” So that’s what I did.

It’s not so much a DIY as it is just a project to share with you and get your ideas moving and shaking. I just primed the baskets with Krylon spray primer in gray, and then used Montana Gold to finish them off. (By the way, Montana Gold is far and away my favorite spray paint. Have you tried it? It goes on so evenly and there’s very little overspray compared to so many other brands.)



Be sure to let them dry and cure for a day or two before you set them on any surfaces. Now they keep some of my supplies in check on my desk, and I’m a fan so far! What was the last thing you spray painted gold? For more evidence of my addiction, see here, here, and here. xoxo





45 thoughts on “DIY Painted Berry Baskets”

  1. I’m going to have to try the Montana Gold! I paint everything gold as well and have several cans of Rustoleum Metallic Gold on hand ‘just in case’. These are so cute, thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Um, these are way too lovely! The gold looks so great, especially with the pretty colors of your washi tape. It’s funny actually… I used to kind of hate gold, but over the last year it’s become so popular and it’s really grown on me. I also find myself imagining spray painting everything gold when I hate the current color… haha!

    1. How funny! I used to be a silver girl all the way, until about 5 years ago. Now I’m an equal-opportunity metal lover. 🙂 But the gold spraypaints really just make things look so pulled together and class-say!

  3. Ahh I LOVE this! What a great idea. My new craft room is very pale dusky pink and cream with gold accents, so these would be perfect craft pots 🙂 I’m just not sure that we get such awesome berry baskets here in the UK! They would also make amazing containers for homemade Christmas gifts. The UK needs to get with it and catch up the the US with crafting supplies! Now!

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