DIY Halloween Treat Bag Mini Clips



I remember being little and helping my Grandma stuff her treat bags for trick-or-treaters. I always secretly stuffed one with my favorite candies, and it somehow magically made its way into my hands at the end of the night. I love the memory of those little baggies, so I’m putting my own spin on it this year. I decided these little clips I had in my stash would look pretty cute on Halloween treat bags. And in our recent survey you guys made it clear that you sometimes need a quick and easy DIY idea. Well, it doesn’t get easier or faster than this!


Make Time: 10 Minutes


Line up some mini clothespins on a piece of cardboard. Use the paint pens to color the front side of each pin, being careful to keep paint off of the metal spring (it just looks tidier!).



Let the pins dry for 5-10 minutes, and apply another coat if necessary. That’s it!

Fill the glassine baggies with candy, fold the top over, and pin it closed. It’s the perfect use for those teeny tiny clothespins! In related news, remember those gold berry baskets? Putting ’em to good use already. Boom. xoxo






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