DIY Gold Leaf Halloween Postcards

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Hey! It’s October!

A few years ago, most of my life was spent on the road touring. I got in the habit of  sending my Grandma a postcard from every single town we stopped in. It was easier for her than talking on the phone, and she loved getting things that she could hold and read over and over. After tour ended I got out of the habit, but I have always missed sending mail and every so often it’s fun to do just because. So I made up these DIY gold leaf Halloween postcards in case you want to send something spooky to someone you love.


  • white cardstock
  • colored or patterned paper
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • gold leaf pen
  • gold leaf
  • soft, dry paintbrush

Make Time: 30 Minutes

Use the glue stick to glue a sheet of cardstock onto the colored paper. Smooth the two together and cut out a postcard that’s 4” x 6”.


On the colored paper, sketch a Halloween-y phrase with the pencil. I liked the words kind of trailing off of either end of the postcard.


When you’re happy with the look of the words, trace over the pencil with the gold leaf pen (I used this kit and it was pretty handy). Make sure there’s lots of liquid coming out of the pen, so that the gold leaf has something to adhere to. Allow the liquid to dry for a few minutes; if you’re using this particular pen, the glue turns blue when it’s ready.


Gently set down a sheet of gold leaf over the glue and pat carefully to be sure it sticks. Dust away the excess gold leaf with the dry paintbrush.




Clean up any edges and reapply glue and gold leaf if you need any spot-retouching. Then just write on the back like you would any old postcard! I love that they’re kind of a glam version of Halloween. Have fun! xoxo

P.S. Check out one of my favorite old Halloween DIYs here, and more gold leaf DIY projects here.





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