DIY Instagram Memory Game

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DIY Instagram Memory Game

DIY Instagram Memory Game

It’s time for more DIY games! I looooved Memory when I was little. I was a Memory champ. These days, I play it with my four year old niece and she totally trounces me. Remember when you were little and had a mind like a steel trap? Yeah, my steel trap is kind of like a wet cardboard box these days. But I digress. DIY Instagram Memory! This here is the easiest little DIY you can imagine — because the “DIY” part means you just hop online and order it.

I’ve introduced you all a few times to my very favorite way to print Instagram photos, with the gang over at Social Print Studio. SPS has a new product that I was checking out and immediately knew this was the perfect purpose for it. (They’re really supposed to be contact cards or business cards, but psh. This is way better.) Here’s how to put together your very own Memory game with your very own Instagram photos!

DIY Instagram Memory Game

Make Time: 10 Minutes

1. Pull up SPS’s Contact Card page and click “Create Yours.”
2. Select a set of 60.
3. Sign in using your Instagram account.
4. Browse your Instagram photos on the next screen and click on the images you’d like to use. You’ll choose 30 images. On each image, click the Up arrow once to order 2 of each (so you can match them, duh!).
5. Once your photos are selected, click “Choose Template.” This is where you decide what you want the back of your Memory cards to look like. Choose the one you’d like best! You can pick one with text and type in a message, or you can upload your own image. If you like the image we created, you can download it right here and upload it for your own game!
6. Click “Preview Your Print.” If everything looks on the up and up, you’re ready to order and finish the purchasing process.

DIY Instagram Memory Game

Isn’t this just the most fun? Mr. Lovely and I had a ball choosing which photos to use. And we’ve already played with our niece, and yes, she won again. I think this could be such a fun gift for grownups or little ones!

Big thanks to the gang at Social Print Studio for the game night throwback! xoxo

DIY Instagram Memory Game


P.S. See all of our past game night DIYs right here! If you love this Instagram one, I have a feeling you’ll love Los Angeles Chutes + Ladders.

Tutorial photos by Lovely Indeed. All other photos by Scot Woodman.

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  1. Ohhh what a fun game!! I have to try this out with Daisy and Pixie photos since dog photos are all I have on Instagram haha.

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