How to make your own Boggle game

How to Make Your Own Boggle Game

I think that we’re heading into my favorite season of them all here on Lovely Indeed: DIY game season! These are the projects that I love the most all year, because they’re not only pretty but totally functional. Best of…Read More

DIY Two Person Chinese Checkers Game

DIY Two-Person Chinese Checkers Game

This is one of those games that I love having out on a coffee table or a side table for people to just pick up and play a quick round. We’ve had one of these at our family cabin forever…Read More

DIY Large Colorful Floor Pillows

DIY Large Colorful Floor Pillows

I just love to see what our DIY gal-pal Kara dreams up! This time she’s helping you up your comfy factor for game night while you play some of our DIY games. Make a few of her colorful floor pillows and get ready for…Read More

DIY Acrylic Dominoes

DIY Acrylic Dominoes

It’s one of my favorite times of the year, guys! The time when we get to unveil a whole new batch of DIY games for your game nights! This has become a tradition around these parts and it’s truly one…Read More

DIY Wes Anderson Guess Who Board Game

DIY Wes Anderson Guess Who Board Game

This is it, gang! The grand finale of our DIY Game Night series: Wes Anderson Guess Who! (Or, as Mr. Lovely so aptly named it, Wes Who.) Our incredible illustrator Hailey Nowak pulled out all the stops and illustrated some of our…Read More

How to Make a DIY Mancala Game for Game Night

DIY Mancala Game

I had never actually played mancala before I decided to make a DIY version, but now I have to say I’m hooked! It’s simple enough to play but really makes you think ahead and get a strategy going, which is…Read More

Download and print your own Los Angeles Chutes and Ladders Game

DIY Los Angeles Chutes and Ladders Game

You guys. YOU GUYYYYYSSSS!!! This project has been a dream of mine for a couple of years and we can finally share it with you! I had the idea to do Chutes and Ladders games based in various cities but…Read More

How to Make a DIY Yahtzee Game

DIY Yahtzee Game

Yaaaaaaay it’s BACK! I think our DIY game night projects are my favorite ones of the year. We’ve been dreaming and scheming more DIY games to share with you this summer and I can barely restrain myself from telling you…Read More