DIY Giant Pinecone Garland



Are your halls decked? If you need a little extra something to holiday-ify your house, here’s a little project with a big wow factor. My dad recently went on a pinecone hunting expedition for me, up near our family’s cabin. I was expecting him to come back with your average, run-of-the-mill pinecones. But he came back with the biggest pinecones I’ve ever seen. Like, ever. So I strung them together into a giant pinecone garland. You don’t necessarily need the big ones, but if you have ’em, you might as well use ’em.


  • oversized pinecones
  • drill with small bit
  • eye screws
  • strong, clear, non-stretch bead thread (I like Fire Line)

Make Time: 1 Hour

Start by drilling a starter hole into the top of a pinecone. Insert the eye screw into the drilled hole.


Cut about 2 feet of bead thread and wrap it around the bottom few scales of another pinecone. Wrap tightly and secure with a double knot, leaving a tail of a few inches on one end and the rest of the thread on the other.


Thread the long end through the eye of the screw in the first pinecone. Then pull it taut and wrap back around the second pinecone, over the place you previously wrapped it. Ensuring that the thread stays taut, tie off with another double knot and snip the ends.




Now that you have two pinecones strung together, repeat the process and make your garland as long as you like!

I can’t get enough of this thing, and I’m already planning how to store it so I can bring it out again next year. If you’re planning on hanging it, just be sure that you hang from something that can support its weight, as it can get a little heavy. Also, my dad gave me the expert advice that if you need to get pitch from the pineconese off of your hands, a little WD-40 does the trick. Who knew? Have fun! xoxo



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20 thoughts on “DIY Giant Pinecone Garland”

  1. Love me some giant pinecones! There’s this house by the beach where we live that has tons of giant pinecones in their yard that they have not picked up, and every time we walk by I’m tempted to “clean up the yard” for them!

  2. I put mine in the oven at 225 for 20-30 minutes. The unopened ones magically open, most of the sticky stuff (no idea whats the word for that in english!) melt away and it kills bugs that might be hiding in the cones.

    Still, I had never seen such big pinecones!! The result is amazing!!

  3. I wonder if you have a really long drill bit you can just drill straight up through the middle of each cone then thread them on to a cord or twine dispensing with the need for the eye screws and also a lot quicker to make. You could also intersperse them with burlap leave or flowers. I’m going to have a go see if it can be done. I’m also going to bleach some of the cones as they look really lovely like driftwood colour. Maybe I’ll paint some of others in soft neutral shades so they look a bit shabby chic-ish. I’ll post on PINTEREST if it works.

  4. I have gottten huge pinecones like that in North Carolina before. I went there to spend Thanksgiving with my niece one year. She had to go to the bank and as I was waiting for her I noticed these huge pinecones all over the ground. So I got out of the car and started picking them up. She came out of the bank and was laughing at me. She said what are you doing?? I said I have never seen such big beautiful pinecones in my life. I said do you think they care if I take them?? She said they will just have to pay someone to come here and clean them up and take them to the dump. So before I left to go home I filled a very large box full of them to bring back to Maine with me. I had drove down there from Maine.I made so many beautiful things out of those pinecones. She doesn’t live there any longer. But I wish I knew someone who did. I would get them to mail me a big box of them. Of course I would pay for the shipping.

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