DIY Embroidered Instagrams

DIY Embroidered Instagrams

DIY Embroidered Instagrams
This was one of those projects that I actually made for Mr. Lovely (it was part of his Father’s Day gift!), so I had to embroider, photograph, and get this post together all in secret. It was full-on undercover DIY. But the good news is that he loved ’em and now they’re proudly displayed around our house. These little embroidered Instagrams are the perfect gift, I tell ya! They’re also a perfect first embroidery project if you’re new to the game. The prints from Social Print Studio are the perfect weight for stitching and they look so cool when they’re all put together. Let’s get to it!


  • printed Instagrams (these squares from SPS are the way to go!)
  • embroidery needle
  • embroidery thread
  • thimble (optional)
  • pencil
  • scissors

Make Time: 15 Minutes per photo, depending on intricacy of your design

DIY Embroidered Instagrams

Step 1: In pencil, lightly sketch out a design on your Instagram. It’s fun to draw something that adds to the photo, like a sun in an outdoor photo or an extra flower in a garden.

Step 2: With a needle, punch holes along all of your drawn lines. Make a hole at either end of each line, and space them about 2-3 mm apart in between.

Step 3: Embroider through the holes using a backstitch. There’s a great diagram for a backstitch right here! Basically, you work right to left. Start your first stitch by coming up through the back and down through the front. Make another stitch by coming up through the hole to the left of your last stitch, then down through your first hole, which already has a thread through it.

Step 4: Keep embroidering until your design is finished! Knot your thread at the back of the photo and snip the ends.

DIY Embroidered Instagrams

DIY Embroidered Instagrams

DIY Embroidered Instagrams

Fair warning: this is addictive! You’re going to want to embroider little designs on every photo you’ve got. And I’m not going to stop you. Have fun! xoxo

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  1. Love this! I think I’m still stuck in the era of only having one print from the film roll, and you don’t want to damage those! This is such a cute idea to personalize and embellish photos.

    We’d love to see your posts at the #HomeMattersParty as well. The Door Opens Friday EST!

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