DIY Crib Sheet with This Little Street

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DIY Fitted Crib Sheet

DIY Fitted Crib Sheet

I am always, always hunting for fabric in cool patterns, especially to use for Henry. Sometimes I feel like all of the patterns meant for little ones are so over-the-top “baby” that I just can’t bear to use them. But my beautiful pal (and recently minted mother of four!) Audrey from This Little Street just came out with her first pattern collection, which is exactly what I’ve been looking for to sew some new crib sheets for the little dude!

Her pattern collection is perfection, by the way. It’s called California Dreaming and it’s this incredible mix of graphic patterns, bold florals, and a few tiny prints here and there. I love the colors most — Audrey managed to find a color story that works for grownups, little girls, and little boys too. I thought the  simple grid pattern would make a cool little crib sheet in Henry’s room, so we went for it!

DIY Fitted Crib Sheet

When you order one of the patterns from Spoonflower you can get it in a whole bunch of different fabrics; the organic cotton interlock knit is the perfect width for crib sheets. (Side note: you can also get the prints in a removable wallpaper! I’m thisclose to wallpapering my kitchen in one of the colorful florals.) I was a little worried about sewing with a knit because I’m SO not a fancy seamstress, but this little sheet was a piece of cake.
I started with this tutorial here. It’s so simple, and perfect for even a novice. Henry’s mattress is a standard size in an IKEA crib and the sheet fits great. One slight change — I added an inch on all sides to the initial measurements on the original tutorial. With that extra inch I folded over a little extra fabric on the hem, just to allow for any fraying because I don’t have a serger. So if you don’t have a serger to use on the edges of the fabric, just add a bit of length and sew a nice wide zigzag stitch around the sheet. That seemed to keep the knit from puckering, too. No prob!
DIY Fitted Crib Sheet
This is one soft little sheet! Henry loves rolling around on it so far, and it’s just too cool in a nursery. Be sure to check out the rest of the collection here. Congrats, Audrey! (Psst — to see what other folks are doing with these pretty little patterns, check out #thislittlepattern on Instagram!) xoxo
DIY Fitted Crib Sheet
DIY Fitted Crib Sheet

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  2. Love the sheets!! I am going to try making one for my son due in January and work with Spoonflower fabrics all the time. I am wondering though, how did you make the 56″ width work for the tutorial? It says 67″ for the width and 45″ for the height, did you use two yards or just one yard at 36″ x 56″ and it stretched to fit? I would love to know!! Thank you!!