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DIY Ombre Ruffled Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop



It’s been waaaaaaay too long since our last photo backdrop! I’ve been wanting to pick them back up for a while now; I think they’re so fun to put together because you can use ’em for a million different things. They’re obviously great for photo backdrops (duh), but they’re also perfect for party decor, wall art, and more. I put this one together in about an hour with only supplies that I already had! Customize your own colors for any holiday or event you like (or just stick to pink and yellow like me because they’re the best colors of all…)! Here’s how to make a DIY ruffled crepe paper photo backdrop.

Psst — here’s another way to make a crepe paper photo backdrop!


  • tri-fold foam core or cardboard display board
  • masking tape
  • Crop-a-Dile
  • spray adhesive
  • various colors of crepe paper rolls
  • cotton twine

Make Time: 1.5 Hours


Step 1: Punch holes in the top center of the outer two flaps of the display board. The Crop-a-Dile works great for this but you can also punch holes with a simple awl.

Step 2: Open the flaps and lay the board flat. Tape the back sides of the flaps with masking tape to hold them open. Thread the twine through the two holes and tie knots on either end so that you can hang the board.

Step 3: Organize your crepe paper into a pretty ombre rainbow!

Step 4: In a well-ventilated area, spray the entire board with a generous layer of spray adhesive.

Step 5: Begin applying the crepe paper. You’ll have to be pretty careful not to get your hands all sticky but once you get a rhythm going this part is a piece of cake. Stick the end of the crepe paper down on the board. Pull a bit of slack from the roll and stick the paper down again an inch or two away, letting it ruffle and puff up in between. Keep going just like this; you’ll get going pretty fast! I recommend starting in the upper corner and working your way around. Every so often, change to a new color to get an ombre effect. Trim the ends of the crepe when you’re done with a color.

Step 6: Continue until the board is covered with all of your colors! Hang it up and rock it out.



So pretty! This would look awesome behind a dessert table at a shower or wedding, or just hanging on the wall for fun (I left it up in our office!). If you want to use it as an actual photo backdrop, just crop your photos in nice and tight so that you can’t see the edges of the board. It’s a perfect backdrop for pretty product or Instagram photos, too. Hope you give it a try! xoxo


How to Make a Ruffled Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop

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