December Intention Blueprint

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Download our December Intention Blueprint to set intentions, stay present, and explore your thoughts throughout this month!

december intention blueprint
december intention blueprint

Here we are, my dear friends. We’re about to close out a year that has been challenging, surprising, wild, and so much more.

At the end of every year (this one especially), I really feel good when I take some time to sit and reflect on the last twelve months. I don’t start thinking about the new year — it’s more like honoring all of the things that happened since January, and sitting with them for a while. And that’s what the December Intention Blueprint is all about.

As you work through this months’ Blueprint, I’d really encourage you to try to avoid making big, sweeping goals or resolutions for the new year. I’d also encourage you to try to see anything that’s happened this year (both good and bad) as an experience that you have come through.

Reframing both our highs and our lows as productive experiences can really help clarify who we are and what we want for ourselves. I love that.

(By the way, if you’re loving this exercise, you should also check out December’s Map my Month download).

december intention blueprint

What Are Intention Blueprints?

But wait! Are you new to this whole “Intention Blueprint” thing?!

Last January, I was actively searching for ways serve you which are tangible, actionable, and create value in your life. I wanted something that could connect us in a human way. So I came up with this idea, to create space for you to grow in the ways that you most need.

At the start of each month, I share a (totally free!) worksheet here for you to help guide your thoughts and create an Intention Blueprint for the following 30 days. Every month there’s a new set of thoughts, ideas, and prompts to help you craft your own roadmap. And the purpose? To help you feel positive, examine your thoughts, create a life you love, and live your days with intention.

These monthly Blueprints have been a way to keep a feeling of renewal and freshness at the start of each month. It’s easy after the new year to let your intentional behaviors slide, but these guided journaling pages are a way to check in with yourself monthly.

If you have missed any previous months, you can find them here. And you can download December’s below!

Download the December Intention Blueprint Below

Just enter your info below and I’ll send your free printable December Intention Blueprint right to ya!

Here’s what to do next. Once I email you the December Intention Blueprint, download and print the worksheet. Find a distraction-free time and space that inspires you. If you plan on completing the Intention Blueprint every month, I suggest you get a binder or a folder to keep all of your worksheets in one place. That way, you can look back at past months and see all of your thoughts and progress.

Clear your head, access your thoughts, and start filling out your guided journaling page!

We also have this amazing illustrated version by Megan Roy, which you can share on Instagram or download for your tech. If you share, be sure to use #LovelyIndeedBlueprint so I can see you!

december intention blueprint

And finally, if you have enrolled in (or are planning on enrolling in) The Productivity Tool Kit, these journaling pages really provide some deep support to everything that I teach there. They are an incredible added self-exploration that will enhance your understanding of productivity as a form of self-care.

And stay tuned for more news about The Productivity Tool Kit, coming soon!

Dear friends, I hope that you find some time this month, whether or not you are completing the Intention Blueprints, for yourself. You have made it through another year and that’s no small feat. You’re doing great. xoxo

december intention blueprint

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    1. That’s amazing Abbey! We designed them to work for any year, so I’m happy to hear that you’re going to start them in 2021. Let me know how it’s going!