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Cool (And Affordable!) Warm-Weather Clothes for Toddler Boys

Okay. I know the title of this post is really specific. But trust me, moms or future moms of toddler boys — you’re going to want to bookmark it. I swear, Hank is tearing through clothes left and right, growing more than an inch every month, and it’s so hard to keep him in clothes right now. Not to mention that toddler boys are just so dang messy. If there’s not sidewalk chalk on his pants, there’s ketchup on his shirt, or a hole in his favorite shoes. It’s always something. So we’ve got our clothing game kind of down to a science with him. I don’t necessarily agree with the fact that there are no cute boy clothes out there — there is a ton of cool stuff for little dudes to wear! The problem, though, is that a lot of it is reallllly expensive. And as cute as those $35 t-shirts are, I just can’t fill his closet with them knowing that they’ll end up with spaghetti sauce down the front. So over the last couple of years or so we figured out where we like to shop for Hank, and newsflash: it’s pretty much exclusively Old Navy.

No, this post isn’t sponsored (although there are affiliate links down below). I just wanted to give a heads-up to other boy moms out there that they have a ton of cool mini-dude stuff and you can usually get it for a song if you play the sales right. I don’t like to spend more than $5 on a shirt or $7 on shorts, and we can usually make that happen; sometimes for a lot less on clearance racks and so on. (Be sure to always look for a code if you’re shopping online, and wait for the sales if you shop in-store.) It just doesn’t make sense to spend insane amounts of money on clothes that these tiny kiddos will grow out of in two seconds in my brain. Can’t do it.

So! Hank’s drawers are full of Old Navy finds, along with a few other special pieces that we pick up here and there. But the real beauty of it is that you can pretty much mix and match anything here and the little dude looks put together, cool, and is totally comfy (which is key). Here are some current faves from the site! Mamas, hope this helps you out. xoxo

Cool summer clothes for toddler boys

Raglan Pullover. Faux Leather Flip Flops. Printed Bermudas. Patterned Joggers. Chambray Shirt. Sup Sun Tank. Sunnies. Striped Shorts. Skinny Jeans. Space Tee. Printed Bermudas. Explore More Tank. Straw Hat. Printed Sneakers. Boat Shoes. Patterned Slouchy Pants. Striped Tank.

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3 thoughts on “Cool (And Affordable!) Warm-Weather Clothes for Toddler Boys

  1. This is so cute! Since I know we are both having baby girls around the same time this fall, would you be willing to put together a similar post for tiny ladies? I would be quite grateful!

  2. I have 2 toddler boys, would love to see another round up for fall when you’re ready! My younger one has lots of hand me downs but aren’t in the best shape and few match since the older destroyed them the first time around…