A Place to Sleep for Baby #2

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Mini Crib for a Second Baby


I’m super excited to have our kiddos be close in age — they’ll be 22 months apart, so for a little while we’ll have 2 under 2! But it does present a couple of logistical issues, and one that we’ve been trying to figure out is where this new little nugget will sleep. Henry will still be in his own crib for a while, and we didn’t want to get a second full-sized crib. We thought about just having her sleep in a bedside co-sleeper until she didn’t fit any more, but I didn’t really get along with our co-sleeper last time. Ryan suggested (probably only half kidding, you never know with that guy) that we just pad a drawer and let her sleep in there like the olden days. Right after that I started a serious online search for a solution to save my baby girl from life in a drawer. 😉

And I fouuuuuuund it! I’m so pumped on this little crib I just wanted to share, in case it would help out other moms with more than one baby in a crib. I stumbled on the Babyletto Mini Origami Crib and was so excited because it solves a whole bunch of our problems. It’s on the small side, so it can fit in our room for her first few weeks and I don’t have to deal with the co-sleeper that I hated. We had Henry in our room in the co-sleeper until he was about 8 weeks old, and I couldn’t wait to get him out of that thing. At 8 weeks we put him in his own crib in his own room overnight and never looked back. But with this little mini crib we can get her used to sleeping in her own crib and still keep it in our room if need be.

Mini Crib for a Second Baby

Also — it’s on wheels. So we can roll her out to the studio to nap while we work if need be, or roll her into the living room while we play with Henry, or anywhere we need. Lock up those wheels and it’s good to go. I’m just so into this thing!

We’ll have Baby Girl’s full nursery reveal coming up soon, so stay tuned for what her room will look like with this dreamy little crib in it. It’s sort of blowing my mind that come September we’ll be starting all over with another newborn. I can’t wait and I’m totally scared! Yep, that sounds about right. xoxo

Mini Crib for a Second Baby

Mini Crib for a Second Baby

Product for this post was graciously provided by Babyletto.

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  1. I love how clean and fresh your baby girl’s room is. That crib sounds great and being on wheels seems so practical. I love the bedding in her crib and her gorgeous pillows, so cute! XxxX

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