Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

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Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

Confession. When I started looking for inspiration for Baby Girl’s nursery, I got tripped up at first. I kept picking little dude stuff! I definitely don’t know how to do “little girl” yet. I’d love for her room to feel like a girl’s room, but not veer into the whole “pink bows and hearts threw up everywhere in here” direction. A little pink, a little adventurous, a lot fun. So obviously we should put flamingo wallpaper up, right?

We saw that flamingo wallpaper and kind of wanted to go for it, so I think it’ll be the focal point in the room. Everything else will stick to a minty and neutral palette so nobody gets overwhelmed by all of those birds. 😉

Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

I didn’t want to pigeonhole either of my kiddos with really gender-heavy or super themey nurseries, so we tried to do the same thing here that we did with Hank’s. We’re finding pieces that we think Baby Girl will be able to grow with and keep using as she gets older, and including some fun artwork that’s all about adventure and good times. I’m so excited to get cracking on this room in real life now that the renovation is moving along! Stay tuned for updates on how the inspiration comes to life. xoxo

Flamingo Wallpaper
Pendant Light
Campaign Dresser
Gold XO
All Aboard! California
All Aboard! Paris
Pineapple Print
Brave and Courageous Print
Mint Bookcase
White Crib
Crosley Record Player
Fun Slide Print
You Are My Greatest Adventure Print
Wicker Hamper
Ombre Pillow
Gold Faceted Lamp
Loop Rug

P.S. Henry’s inspiration board and finished room!

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  1. Absolutely LOVE the wallpaper! Would never think of something so ‘tropical’ for a nursery!

  2. I love you guys for lots of reasons. One of those reasons is your ability to blend tradition and progress. Like not wanting to go gender-heavy in nursery decor. That rocks, in my book. ❤️