A Little Life Update

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Remember the olden days of blogging when you would just get sit down and blab for paragraphs and paragraphs about just… whatever? It was truly more like a journal, and these days that same feel just isn’t around. But one thing I miss about it was just sharing life updates, as a sort of timeline that I could then go back to and have documented the things that our life was made up of in each season. Also? I miss sharing that type of post with you, and having you share back about your lives.

So. Here’s a life update!

Ryan just absolutely crushed a monthlong bootcamp (remember when I did mine?!), and I’m so proud of him.  This is a dude who, when he decides to do something, he does the damn thing. He stuck to the meal plan 100%, worked out like a beast, and has so much to show for it. He trimmed down, but more importantly, I saw him build these awesome healthy habits. I mean, the dude had tuna with greens and sprouted bread for lunch today. By choice. 😉 So put your hands together for Ryan!

Henry is getting ready to make the switch from his pre-school to T-K, which is transitional kindergarten. It’s pretty much a pre-k year for any kid who missed the birthday date cutoff. He’ll be at a whole new school with new friends and teachers, and to be honest, it’s freaking him out a little bit. He doesn’t necessarily say it outright, but the signs are showing up elsewhere — he’s super clingy, doesn’t want to stay with babysitters, and gets a little emotional at school (where he’s usually happy as a clam). I know once he gets there, he’ll be fine, but he’s always had a tough time with change. So if anybody has experience with the same, let me know how you handled it, huh?

Mags is an absolute treat these days. She’s getting so smart and quick and picking up every little thing. You can hang out with her and have full conversations. It’s so fun. It’s starting to feel different, like actually having a daughter instead of having a baby. And I love it. She loves to pretend, especially that she’s an animal or a mom or a baby. Or she’ll say, “I’m the baby panther and you’re the mommy panther!” She also loves to play “birthday,” which basically means that she gets a container and fills it with her toys and gives it to you to open. I would play it for hours.

And me?! Ha! I think the biggest news that I have is that I’m WRITING A COURSE! I’ve been talking about it over on Instagram but haven’t really delved into it here. But yes. I’m writing a course on productivity. And it is going really well.

I get asked over and over and OVER about tips for being productive, getting things done, processes, systems, and being a solopreneur. You’d be shocked how often people ask to “sit down and pick my brain.” And I always find myself having to decline helping because I try to really protect my time so that I can get my own stuff done. (Literally part of a lesson in the course.) But I always wish that I could help, so I thought: why not spend a good chunk of time collecting all of your tricks, resources, tools, strategies, and inspiration, and put it together in a course that you can refer to when someone asks for help?! Duh!

I’m in the writing stage and it is so, so fun but also really draining. It’s focused, concentrated work, because I’m really trying to boil things down to specific, actionable steps toward productivity. And also add in my own personality and all that good stuff. 🙂

So! That’s what we’re doing these days. We have a few fun summer trips coming up, but other than that, we are just digging into our community and loving our home and our family and enjoying it all. It’s a pretty sweet season.

And now. Tell me what this season of life is like for you!!! xoxo

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  1. One thing that helped my son transition to kindergarten was going to his school, seeing his new room and meeting his new teacher MANY TIMES before the fact. Keep in mind, I’m a teacher, so this was possible for us, and may not be possible for H. Call and ask anyway; most places are very accommodating for nervous kids! Good luck! It might take a couple weeks to adjust, but he’ll be fine!

  2. So fun hearing life updates about your kids, because it’s a glimpse into the future for our little ones who are just a couple years behind. That being said, we’re just figuring out life as a family of 4, still in that phase of newborn nights, learning to navigate life on the road with a freshly potty trained toddler who loves her brother but needs extra love during this transition. Is it nap time yet?

  3. We are getting ready to send our 4yo and almost 2yo to preschool this fall for the first time (for either one of them.) I’ve been a sahm for 4 years and now it’s time for school. Trying not to feel guilty about sending the 2 yo instead of keeping him home with me like we did his older brother. But it’s a new season and momma needs the ‘me’ time. And I think they are both going to thrive.

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  5. Our son had a bit of hard time with drop offs at the beginning, but then I came up with this whole thing about how Spider Man sometimes gets scared (he loves Spidey), but he still does hard things because he has true courage and then I gave him a Spidey Lego to keep in his pocket throughout the day to touch when he needed extra courage. Worked like a charm.

    Also, be easy on yourself that first week. I was surprised at how hard and emotional that week was and it wasn’t until the next week that it hit me, Oh, that’s why I felt so out of sorts that first week of school! ?

    Also, can’t WAIT for your course!

  6. I am so glad you are writing a course as I have no idea how you got started. (But I love that you did!) such friendly content and good advice I can’t wait to see how the course goes!

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