A Baby Shower Onesie Decorating Station (That Doesn’t Suck)

Baby Shower Onesie Decorating

One of my best girlfriends is having a baby! We celebrated her recently with a baby shower and I was put in charge of a onesie decorating station. I was kind of stumped at first, because I didn’t want my sweet friend to end up with a pile of onesies with smeared puff-paint all over them. We can do better than that, right?! Right. So I thought and thought and came up with a few ideas so that guests could make quick, easy decorated baby clothes that would look cute enough to actually put on the kid. At first I wasn’t going to post about it but I actually put a good amount of work into it, so hopefully this helps a whole generation of baby shower planners to dodge the puff-paint bullet. Read on to see what we put together!

Use more than just onesies. We had the idea to branch out and include other pieces so that our girl didn’t end up with an overabundance of any one style. We used onesies, t-shirts, leggings, shorts, and headbands. The clothing pieces were in a variety of sizes as well, so that baby could grow into some of them and use them for a while to come.

Baby Shower Onesie Decorating

Repurpose. A good number of the onesies we used came from another mama’s stash whose kids are now grown. We salvaged the ones that were in good shape and I gave them a dye job. We used a few different colors to mix it up. I used some good old fashioned RIT dye in bright colors, leaving the onesies in the dye bath for various amounts of time to create different saturations of color.

How to decorate. I planned a few different mediums and methods for guests to use while they were decorating the onesies. Spoiler alert: there was no puff paint involved.

  • Fabric Markers. We provided fabric markers and stencils so guests could either freehand designs or use stencils to make them a little more tidy.
  • Iron-On Letters. We got a bunch of iron-on letters and had an iron on hand. These are super easy to use (just like we did in this post!) and make for fun designs. Just peel off the letters and iron them on.
  • Iron-On Vinyl. Because I have a Cricut machine, I could easily prep some designs in the iron-on vinyl material and have them ready for guests. Guests just cut out the piece of the design that they wanted and ironed it right onto the clothing. It was fun to see what they would mix and match! If you have a Cricut too, you can just upload some quick designs and cut them out of a 12″ x 12″ piece of vinyl. A few designs go a long way.
  • Fabric Fusion Sheets. I got a few sheets of Fabric Fusion Sheets and prepped them ahead of time. To do this, peel off one side of the backing on a sheet of Fabric Fusion and stick the sheet to the wrong side of a rectangle of fabric. Give your guests scissors to cut shapes out of the prepped fabric. Once a shape is cut, peel off the other side of the backing and adhere it to your onesie. That simple! Running it through the dryer will set the adhesive.

Baby Shower Onesie Decorating

Baby Shower Onesie Decorating

Leave Instructions. I prepped a sheet of instructions to leave on the onesie decorating table so that guests could make sense of everything. If you’d like to download it, its right here.

Bring Supplies. I stocked the table with a few extra supplies: scissors, pens/pencils, scrap paper, a couple of irons, and a small ironing board.

I was so happy to see the results of all this planning! Baby ended up with a whole pile of clothes that are definitely cute enough to wear for a good long time. Everybody had a good time figuring out how to decorate their pieces, and it was all pretty quick and easy. And I’m still feeling pretty smug for having avoided even a single tube of puff paint. 😉 xoxo

Baby Shower Onesie Decorating

17 thoughts on “A Baby Shower Onesie Decorating Station (That Doesn’t Suck)”

    1. They were adorable! I found that the fusion sheets were really fun to use with a printed fabric, so you could cut out a piece of the print and incorporate it into a design. We had a fabric with glasses on it and somebody cut out some glasses and then drew on a little faux chain around the neck of a onesie, so it looked like there were little glasses hanging around the neck. So cute! They stuck on really well too — I was happy with the quality. 🙂

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  2. Hey! Would you consider selling some of your vinyl decal sheets already made? I don’t have a cricut machine like you were discussing or really the talent haha. I really like the white decals on colored onesies but can’t find similar iron ons like that to purchase on Etsy. Please let me know – baby shower is 2/25/18

    1. seconding this! I have a shower in two weeks so timeline is more of a crunch but would LOVE to purchase these sheets from you.

  3. How did the fabric markers work out? That’s what I’m planning to do in October, but your idea for dying them, has me even more excited!

  4. My biggest concern is making these functional so when the baby wears them mama can just throw them in the wash and dryer. Are all of these options good for machine wash? I want to make this project as functional and easy on the soon-to-be parents as possible.

    1. Hi Marissa! Thanks for your question. And yes, these options all wash really well! We have some that our kids wore throughout infancy/babyhood and they wore well, even through multiple washes.

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