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DIY Backyard Patio

DIY Backyard Patio

DIY Backyard Patio

Get ready gang, because this project may or may not cross over from the realm of “DIY” into the realm of “home improvement!” I love putting together larger projects now that we have a home where we can really make things our own. I think my biggest problem is that I just want to do it all at once! But if there’s one thing I’m learning as a homeowner, it’s that you have to knock things out one at a time or you’ll make yourself crazy. AllModern has been so incredible at helping us get our backyard in summer shape this season, and this was the final project we wanted to tackle. So we chose a little corner of our backyard where I thought it could be nice to put a little patio area, and went to town. Now we sit back there in the evenings after Henry goes to sleep and just hang out, enjoying our handiwork. If you’re thinking of putting together a patio, I promise it’s not difficult! It just takes a little sweat and a lot of lifting of bricks and rock…


  • yard tools: shovel, hoe, rake, etc.
  • brick pavers
  • river rock
  • a selection of plants that are appropriate for your weather zone
  • decorative items like chairs or a fire pit

Make Time: 10 Hours

DIY Backyard Patio

Step 1: Hoe and rake your ground until it’s flat and level across the area where you’d like your patio. The ground under the pavers will need to be somewhat soft, so if you’ve got compacted dirt be sure to spend the time shoveling or hoeing to break it up. You’ll be glad you did later!

Step 2: Start placing your pavers. We used a level to be sure the pieces we were laying continued to stay level. Be sure that your first few pavers are square and keep placing pavers in rows until your patio is the desired size.

Step 3: Plant some vegetation around the edges of the pavers. We chose mandevilla and bougainvillea near the fence, along with a few tropicana plants and some grasses. We also included some potted succulents to break things up.

Step 4: To soften the edges of the patio, place river rock along the sides; we chose to curve the borders of the river rock to mimic the rounded lines in the rest of our backyard. Fill in the rocks around the pots and plants, being sure to leave space for things to grow or adjust.

Step 5: Add your final touches and some great lounging furniture! We used AllModern’s colorful adirondack chairs and table for a turquoise punch. The log hoop and fire pit are the perfect size for a small patio, too.

DIY Backyard Patio

DIY Backyard Patio

I am SO PUMPED to have this little corner of the yard completed! It’s so fun to have a large project and see things coming together as you chip away at it. Next up in the backyard will be a new fence, but I definitely don’t have the DIY chops for that — call in the professionals! For now, though, you can find us roasting marshmallows and drinking wine back here all summer. Who’s coming over?! xoxo

DIY Backyard Patio

DIY Backyard Patio

DIY Backyard Patio

Product for this post graciously provided by AllModern.

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12 thoughts on “DIY Backyard Patio

  1. I really appreciate and love your back yard Brick Paver DIY Paver brick installation project you have and glad it is complete! I’m the same way when it comes to Paver Installation DIY Projects. But I have to remember that it’s about doing it right and making sure the proper foundations have been laid so it will last for the long term.

    BTW…when will you have the fence installed?

  2. Girl, this is definitely home improvement! Great job! I have the same chairs. Can’t wait to redo my patio.

  3. Yiu cant just plop diwn bricks without support. You first dig a hole in the area you want to put the bricks. Usually two to three feet in a square or rectangle pattern for the shape of the patio. You buy sand from [Home Depot] along with pebble rocks mixed with sand. You later sand, rocks, sand. Then you use a tamper to make the area completely packed down. Now place stones. Otherwise every time it rains, your patio will sink over time and become uneven. It’s not just about pretty.

    1. Hi Helen! No, it’s definitely “not just about pretty,” as you so kindly put it. For me, it’s about using what you have and making it work in a way that’s appropriate to your own situation. In this case, we knew the patio would be short-lived (it’s already gone, with a sandbox in its place), so we went with a temporary build. But thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! Cheers!

  4. ❤ Love the look of this so much! Approximately how far away from the wooden fencing did you locate the fire pit? Did you ever have any issue with flying embers, or did the screen keep them pretty much contained?

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