DIY Washi Tape Chevron Easter Eggs

DIY Washi Tape Chevron Easter Eggs

Okay, it’s the final installment of our Easter egg bonanza! (I just can’t bring myself to say eggs-travaganza. Ew. I said it.) I loved doing these washi Easter eggs last year so much that I wanted to bring the washi tape back and think up a new way to use it. So I did! These take about two seconds, so if you’re in a pinch for time it could be a good idea.

Grab all of your washi and organize it by color groups. Choose three different tapes within one color group. Stretch out about 6 inches of your first color and tear it off. Do the same with the second and third colors, placing them directly on top of the first so that you have a washi tape sandwich (technical term, in case you were wondering).

DIY Washi Tape Chevron Easter Eggs

DIY Washi Tape Chevron Easter Eggs

DIY Washi Tape Chevron Easter Eggs

Cut away at the tape until you have a chevron shape.

DIY Washi Tape Chevron Easter Eggs

Peel the three layers apart.

DIY Washi Tape Chevron Easter Eggs

Carefully tape them around your eggs, one at a time. You may find that you have to bend the tape a bit to get it to fit around the circumference — just smooth any bends or ridges down with your fingernail.

DIY Washi Tape Chevron Easter Eggs

DIY Washi Tape Chevron Easter Eggs

That’s it! These look cool in bunches, so make lots of them! You can also play with the size and shape of the chevron — or just make stripes instead. Happy Easter! xoxo

DIY Washi Tape Chevron Easter Eggs

DIY Washi Tape Chevron Easter Eggs

  1. brooke on said:

    how fun!! and saves our fingers from being blue for 2 days straight after egg dying time. thanks for the idea!

  2. Alana on said:

    What a lovely little DIY, perfect way to decorate the table at Easter.

  3. elaine Costa on said:

    Great eggs amples!! Ew. I did it, too. :] Cuuuuute!

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  11. These are beautiful. I have to be honest though… What totally grabbed my eye are those crane scissors. That’s my family crest symbol and pretty please let me know where you found them! Thank you thank you!!

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