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Make These Tiny Trophies for Your Easter Egg Hunts!

No, I’m totally not competitive or anything and I MADE EASTER EGG HUNT TROPHIES! Granted, my family is not exactly at the place where we can give our kids a tiny trophy that says “I Lost” and expect them to understand that it’s a joke. But I can just see a future where these coveted trophies are traded annually as everyone competes to get the most (or the fewest!) eggs. So if you have a family or a framily that’s full of good sports and likes a little friendly competition, make yourself a set of these.


Make Time: 30 Minutes (Plus Drying Time)

How to make cute Easter egg hunt trophies for Easter

Step 1: Paint all of your materials. We found that the paper mache eggs took craft paint much better than spray paint; just brush it on with smooth strokes and add a second coat if it’s a little too thin when it dries. Spray paint the trophies gold in a well-ventilated area.

Step 2: Allow all pieces to dry thoroughly. Use a glue gun to spread a ring of glue around the top of the trophy cup. Press an egg down into the glue until it adheres firmly.

Step 3: If you’re using pre-made alphabet stickers, skip to Step 4. If you’re using a cutting machine, create your vinyl stickers. Create your phrases (Most Eggs, Fewest Eggs, Eggcellent, I Lost, etc.) in the software for your cutting machine. You’ll need to size it appropriately for your eggs; we sized ours so that the word “eggs” was about 3/4″ of an inch wide in our desired font. The font used here is Century Gothic Bold. Once designed, cut out the letters using the cutting machine.

Step 4: Place your stickers or vinyl onto the eggs. We recommend starting in the center of a word and working your way out so that it’s easier to space. You’ll also find that it’s much easier to place the letters with tweezers than with your bare hands. Keep working until all of your trophies are labeled as you like.

I just love these little guys! I think they’d make awesome perpetual trophies, handing them off each year to the winners and losers of your family Easter egg hunts. And if you don’t hunt eggs, they’d also make super cute place cards — just put your guests’ names on them instead of the egg hunt phrases. Or fill them all with egg puns like these from a few years back! I could think up a zillion ways to use these cuties. Happy hunting! xoxo

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