DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland

DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland
DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland

So, I’ve delved into papel picado before, but I’m feeling festive now that Cinco de Mayo is approaching, so I thought I’d bring it back and do a new tutorial! Everyone and their mother is loving arrows these days, so that’s what’s going down — an arrow-inspired Cinco de Mayo garland. If you want to get your fiesta on, grab these few simple (and cheap!) materials:

  • tissue paper in various colors
  • baker’s twine
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • glue stick

Cut tissue paper into 4″ x 5″ rectangles. Fold the width in half, half again, and half a third time.

DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland

Cut into the tissue paper in upward slants. Begin about 1/2″ from the bottom and be sure not to cut all the way through the edges. Make 12 cuts, about 1/8″ apart.

DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland

Cut out every other piece, starting at the bottom.

DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland

Unfold and smooth out the creases. You may want to leave the tissue paper under a heavy book for a while to flatten out (mine could have used some more flattening!).

DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland

Run a glue stick over the top portion of the tissue paper, set down the baker’s twine, and fold the tissue over, sealing the baker’s twine inside. Continue gluing pieces of tissue on the twine until you reach your desired length.

DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland

Now hang it up and pour yourself a margarita! I’m pretty stoked on Cinco de Mayo, and we’ve got another DIY coming for you next week, so be sure to check back if you’re planning a fiesta. xoxo

DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland

DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland

DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland

  1. Thea on said:

    Where are your pants from? They’re so cute <3

  2. Elaine Costa on said:

    Ha ha that’s what I was going to say–I love your polka-dot pants! :) Love the happy garland, too.

  3. This is a wonderful Cinco de Mayo idea! I love it. I will definitely be trying it out. xx. McKenna Lou
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  4. melissa on said:

    hmmm my daughters party is this weekend AND I have a good amount of tissue paper. How cute are these!

  5. Brittni on said:

    Love the color combo here Chels. And it matches your pants.

  6. Rachel on said:

    Cute! I’m on the hunt for Cinco de Mayo party ideas and these are perfect!

  7. Ooh, I totally love this! I’m really into the vibrant color and airy look of papel picado, so maybe I’ll try this out! Thanks for sharing!

    And I agree with everyone else; love those pants!

  8. Karen on said:

    so cute! my nephew turns 1 on Cinco de mayo- I totally need to send this to my sister for his party

  9. Brenna on said:

    I absolutely love your outfit in the photo. I know that’s not the point, but I had to say it. The garland is so festive, I may just make it work yearround.

  10. Bregje on said:

    I love this garland, it’s so cute!

  11. Très joli! J aime beaucoup frais et léger! J’adore !

  12. Patricia on said:

    ¡Muy buena! Muchas gracias, excelente explicación. Saludos desde Buenos Aires (Argentina).