How to Make a Mezcal Mule

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How to Make a Mezcal Mule

Mules for everybody! I may be pregnant but it doesn’t stop my deep longing for a mule cocktail of just about any kind. And since Cinco de Mayo is coming up, we’re celebrating by teaching you how to make a legit mezcal mule. I’m not currently partaking but word on the street is that these babies are delicious and strong! So add these to your Cinco celebrations (responsibly, duh!) and impress people with your mule making skills.


Watch our video for the full recipe!

Now cheers, y’all! Add a photo backdrop and some garlands to your party and you’ll be the most festive house on the block. Happy Cinco! xoxo

How to Make a Mezcal Mule
How to Make a Mezcal Mule

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  1. As if the drink didn’t already get me excited… that video was about as cute as could be! Loved the song too… I was dancing in my seat!

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