DIY Nontoxic Dip Dyed Bibs

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DIY Nontoxic Dip Dyed Baby Bibs

DIY Nontoxic Dip Dyed Baby Bibs

I had this dip dye project in my head when I was pregnant with our little girl, and I knew it could look cool but I didn’t want to use the usual fabric dye, in case her baby skin was sensitive to it. That, and it was going to be a big mess to make. Luckily, the team at method has been encouraging me this year to #fearnomess and DIY boldly. So I decided to find the right dye and go for it! We ended up finding this nontoxic dye that’s actually meant to be sprayed on, but it turns out that it works perfectly as a dip dye as well. Being deep in baby land, we made these pretty dip dyed bibs — but you could use this technique on just about anything! Napkins, shirts, tablecloths, backpacks, you name it. If you can dip it, it’s doable.


  • fabric to dye — we did terry cloth baby bibs
  • Tumble Dye fabric spray
  • method 4x Concentrated Laundry Detergent
  • mixing bowls
  • mixing spoons
  • clean trash bag
  • rubber gloves
  • scissors

Make Time: 1 Hour (Plus Drying Time)

DIY Nontoxic Dip Dyed Baby Bibs

Step 1: Empty the fabric dye into mixing bowls, each bowl with its own color. We mixed and matched a little bit to create some custom colors, too! Use the spoons to thoroughly mix and blend colors, being sure to leave no chunks of color at the bottom of the bowl.

Step 2: Take your scissors and cut open one side & the bottom of a clean trash bag. Lay the trash bag out somewhere flat; this is where you’ll place your dyed objects to dry.

Step 3: Put on your gloves so your hands don’t get stained. Take your fabric, and slowly lower one end into the dye bowl. Agitate the fabric very slightly to ensure that the dye saturates the fabric completely in the area that’s submerged.

Step 4: Remove the fabric and gently squeeze out any major excess of dye back into the bowl. Place the fabric down to dry on the trash bag.

Step 5: Allow the fabric to air dry completely. Once dry, heat set it by putting it in the dryer on hot for 15 minutes.

Step 6: Launder as you normally would. I found the method detergent to be the perfect thing to use — it kept the color true and the Spring Garden scent is so fresh. (We use the method detergent on all of our kids’ clothes now!)

So! What are you gonna dip dye?! I’m thinking matching dip dyed socks for everybody at Christmas. Stocking stuffers, here we come. 😉 xoxo

DIY Nontoxic Dip Dyed Baby Bibs

DIY Nontoxic Dip Dyed Baby Bibs

DIY Nontoxic Dip Dyed Baby Bibs

DIY Nontoxic Dip Dyed Baby Bibs

This post is sponsored by method. All opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the brands who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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