Vintage Cruise Style



I’ve had the most fun during our partnership with Carnival Cruise Line, daydreaming about hopping on a cruise all summer long. I keep opening up all of their different itineraries and trying to decide which I would go on first if I had the chance. It’s impossible — I just want to go everywhere! For some reason, I also keep daydreaming about what I would take with me. I keep pinning pieces that have a little retro vibe to them, like I kind of want to go on a cruise but in the 1960’s, when a floral swim cap was perfectly reasonable. 😉 So just for funsies, here’s what’s topping my “if I were hopping on the next ship outta here” packing list.


A floppy hat and sunnies for catching rays on deck.
A crabby bag and breezy sundress for exploring a port city.
A round towel for a beach day.
A floral swim cap and vintage-inspired suit for taking a plunge.
A sweet pink water bottle, because, ya know, a girl’s gotta stay hydrated!

Can’t you just see yourself strolling around on deck at sunset?! Oh it’s all just too good. I have a feeling that floppy hat would see some serious action. So, what would be in your suitcase? xoxo

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  1. Hi . I can’t make the link to the swimming costume work. Or any of the others. Keen to see where that is from please!