Valentine’s Day Outifts for Kids (That You Can Wear After Valentine’s Day!)

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I get real into holidays lately, gang. I don’t know if it’s a mom thing or what, but I can’t get enough holidaying, even if said holiday is made up by Hallmark to sell cards (I’m looking at you, Valentine’s Day). And I get really nerdy about it, and totally dress my family for holidays. We just snagged a couple of things for the kids to wear for Valentine’s Day, but my requirement is always that whatever we get for a holiday outfit has to be able to integrate into their wardrobes afterwards. So! Check out some fun Valentine’s Day outfits for kids, that you can still wear after Valentine’s Day!

I love a little dude in a bow tie. I mean, it’s kind of undeniably cute! Even cuter with a laid-back combo of a bow tie with a print button-up and some jeans or joggers. I just have the most fun getting Henry ready in the mornings! Ol’ Hank has been rocking those chambray joggers for years now, we keep replacing them in the next size up because they go with everything. I think for V-Day he’s going to wear the joggers, the “Hi” shirt (which he picked out himself), and those white triple velcro sneakers. By the way, I keep those sneakers clean with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it works wonders!

Red Plaid Button Up. Arrows & Letters Button Up. Pink Plaid Button Up. Bow Tie. Sign Language Tee. Mickey Tee. Hi Tee. Pink Twill Pants. Striped Fleece Joggers. Chambray Joggers. Triple Velcro Sneakers. Chambray Hi-Tops. Arrow Hoodie. Sherpa-Lined Bomber.

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Toddler GirlsThe world of little girl clothes still completely overwhelms me, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it! It’s just that theres so. much. cute. stuff. Maggie’s signature look is starting to be a cute top, leggings or skinny jeans, and a really great vest or jacket over the top. I love it because she looks like a tiny grownup and it’s so cute to see her toddling around in a moto jacket or whatever. And babies in sneakers is always a good bet.

All Heart Dress. Denim Overall Dress. Black Gingham Shirt. Red Peplum Shirt. Bunny Balloon Shirt. Pink Moto Jacket. Red Cardigan. Red Joggers. Lollipop Leggings. Hello Beanie. Heart Flats. Quilted Sneakers.


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