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Travel // Strawberry, CA


Last weekend Mr. Lovely and I hopped in the truck with my dad (Papa Lovely? Ha!) and headed up to our family’s cabin in Strawberry, California. Strawberry is a teeny little mountain town, with a population of just over 100 people. There’s one restaurant, one gas station, and a whole lotta trees. But it’s just a few minutes from Pinecrest Lake, Dodge Ridge, and a whole bunch of other mountainy adventures.





One of the things I love about California is that there are so many different types of landscapes. I mean, you have mountains and lakes and beaches and ocean and everything in between. California is so rad.







Have you ever been up to the Strawberry or Pinecrest area in the Sierra Nevadas of California? I’d love to know if you’ve ever been up in that neck of the woods! xoxo

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12 thoughts on “Travel // Strawberry, CA

  1. I’ve been all over that area way too many times to count! When I was little we’d head to the mountains to go sledding, and sometimes instead of getting into the craziness of Leland Meadows, we’d just find a nice hill on the side of the road in Strawberry and sled there 🙂 Where I’m from in the Central Valley is almost equal distance from SF or the mountains, so it was always a toss up as to which direction we’d go on my dad’s days off 🙂

  2. I grew up about 30 minutes from Strawberry and was there over the weekend as well! My sister and I stayed in Fallen Leaf Lake and then took a detour in Strawberry on the way home for a dip in the river. Beautiful pictures and cute baby bump!

  3. It’s been far too long since I visited California, but I remember being so struck by the contracts – snow, lakes, ocean, mountains… ahhh … Half Dome…. Anyway, greetings from Sydney via The Blog Society. I’m a mother of four and feel all emotional seeing that swelling tunny of yours. Not that I’d turn back the clock, life is SO much easier now all mine are at school… but… that first baby is so very, very, very special… such a time to treasure. Motherhood is a very mixed blessing, in my experience but who’d ever change it?