Things to do With Your Kids when Spring Fever Hits

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Are your kids restless and antsy with the onset of spring? Try some of our favorite activity ideas to beat spring fever!

Spring is here! You know how I know? Because it won’t. stop. raining.

April always seems to be such a rainy month in central California, and it’s always when the kids and I really start to get some spring fever.

So I’m constantly brainstorming things to do with your kids when spring fever hits.

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What Is Spring Fever?

Did you know that there’s a musical theatre song about spring fever? It’s called “It Might As Well Be Spring,” and it has the most poetic descriptions of spring fever. A little taste of the lyrics:

I am starry-eyed and vaguely discontented,
like a nightingale without a song to sing.

Doesn’t that make it sound so romantic?

In our house, though, spring fever sounds a lot like this: “Moooooooom! I’m boooooored!”

The kids just want to be able to go outside already! After a cold and rainy winter, they’re just so anxious to get out and play or find an adventure.

I thought I’d share some of our favorite things to do with your kids when spring fever hits in case you need some adventure ideas!

spring fever

How to Cure Spring Fever When You Can’t Go Outside

Some days it’s just too chilly or wet (or snowy, for some of you!) to get outside at all. If you’re stuck inside, I have a massive library full of ideas of boredom busters, activities, crafts, and games.

I wrote a full two-week schedule full of at-home activities for kids a few years back that is hugely popular among moms of kids under 6!

We also have a Crafting for Kids ebook, filled with projects made entirely from recycled household materials like cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls. It’s a perfect way to spend a few days.

And as for ideas out of the house, read on!

Go Splash

Sometimes if the kids are particularly antsy to get outside, we just put on rainboots, grab our umbrellas and go splash in some puddles (rain or shine).

There’s a certain fascination that little kids have with splashing around, and I can even feel that magic as a grownup! So let them splash while you get out and breathe some fresh air.

Little girl splashing in puddles

Get some Fun Chores Done

Not sure if your yard is the same, but we always have plenty of weeds to pull in the springtime! I get the kids out in the backyard with me, give them some kid-sized gloves, and set them on a patch of weeds to start pulling.

That usually entertains them for a good chunk of time (just make sure they know which plans are weeds and which plants are flowers -ha!).

Let them learn how to use basic gardening tools as you clean up your yard to prep for spring.

Little boy shoveling soil

Visit a New Park

My kiddos live for a park and a big, green space to run in. Chances are that you have a park or field near you.

Hop on your bikes, take a walk, or drive to a park that you haven’t tried before (or just your favorite tried and true place!). I find that sometimes kids find new, exciting things to do in a familiar park when we bring some outside equipment like a ball, sidewalk chalk, or a jump rope.

boy on monkey bars in san diego
spring fever

Go to a Museum

Maybe there’s a fantastic children’s museum in your neighborhood! Children’s museums are incredible places of exploration and learning.

If you don’t have a children’s museum, consider taking your kiddos to an art museum, science museum, or something similar.

Visiting museums is an enriching way to spend a day. Kids not only get immersed in arts, sciences, and more, but they also have the experience of being in a new environment and learning how to navigate it.

spring fever
spring fever

Fight Spring Fever in a Coffee Shop

One of the ways I love to get out of the house with the kids is to take them downtown to a coffee shop. If it’s raining, it’s a great way to get out but stay dry. And if it’s sunny, we bike there!

Our little coffee dates have become a fun tradition; we take a few books or some coloring pages, I get a tea, and they get steamed milk. Bring snacks or get a pastry to share.

Another thing I love about taking the kids to a coffee shop is that it’s a teaching tool for sitting and enjoying each other’s company.

I feel like it’s a great exercise for them in manners and comportment in a restaurant setting, and good practice at having meaningful conversations and connecting with each other. It’s a win for everyone.

Kids at a coffee shop

Take a Neighborhood Treasure Walk

This is something I started doing with Henry when he was just learning to walk, and the kids still love it today!

Head out into your neighborhood and take a little bag or pouch. Tell the kids they’re going on a treasure walk, and they can pick up any nature treasures that they find.

The only rule is that they can’t pick anything that’s living, but things that have already fallen to the ground are fair game. Leaves, flower petals, sticks, rocks – let them grab them all!

They’re fascinated by the hunt, and it’s a fun way to teach them to appreciate and notice their surroundings.

spring fever

What other ways do you combat spring fever for your family? Have you ever tried any of these? We’d love to know your ideas, so share in the comments below! xoxo

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