My Book: The Happy Home! (And a Pre-Order Bonus)

I’m so excited to unveil my upcoming book, The Happy Home: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Home that Brings you Joy! Read on to learn all about it and to get the special pre-order bonus.

The Happy Home book

The Happy Home

Friends, I’ve been waiting to share this news on the blog for an entire year! In early 2022, I started writing a book — and it’s finally here.

The book is called The Happy Home: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Home that Brings You Joy. It’s part DIY and part self-exploration, with a heavy sprinkling of life hacks (all of the things that I love!).

But what I love about it most is that, unlike lots of other home books, it approaches the way we think about our homes and spaces from a lens of feelings.

Ahhhhh, I love feelings! I love how it feels to walk in your front door at the end of a long day and be welcomed by a cozy room. Or how it feels to wipe down your countertops and add fresh flowers to a simple vase.

Our homes hold so many of our feelings and make a safe space for us to feel them. So it’s up to us to love our homes in return, and help create the feelings we want there.

The Happy Home book

What’s In The Book?

The Happy Home book contains six chapters, each filled with projects, ideas, thought starters, and DIYs to help you create a home that feels just like you. It’s meant to help you make your space a true reflection of yourself — your likes, your habits, and your needs.

Each chapter focuses on a specific feeling or vibe: Energize, Uplift, Comfort, Calm, Empower, and Express. The ideas and projects within each chapter will help you achieve those feelings in your home, tailored to you as a beautiful individual.

What I also love is that each chapter begins with quizzes, questions, and thought starters to really get you considering your space in a very intentional way. It’s kind of like a choose your own adventure book!

I didn’t want this book to be prescriptive, or to assume that everybody wants their home to feel similar. We’re all so beautifully unique, and our homes are a chance to reflect that! So throughout the book, there is encouragement to journal and process your thoughts as you intentionally work on your space.

The Happy Home book

What Kind of Ideas Are In The Happy Home?

I really wanted to create something that could be for everyone, so there are ideas that will work in just about any space, whether it’s a college dorm room or your forever home.

There are ideas for every room in your dwelling — kitchen, living area, bedrooms, bathrooms, outdoor, and even work-from-home areas or home offices.

All of the ideas are meant to assist you as you create a home that feels like it supports you and inspires you.

The Happy Home book

Get a Pre-Order bonus!

One of the areas I really loved writing about was the home office, not just because I have worked from home for over a decade, but because so many of us have homes that double as our workspace.

I love finding ideas and hacks to make a home workspace more hospitable, enjoyable, and beautiful. So to celebrate the upcoming book launch, I have a free pre-order bonus for you with all of that in mind!

I designed a super pretty bundle of desktop wallpaper organizers for you with all of the bells and whistles; there are calendars, custom folder colors, and even hand-drawn icons. Did you know that you can switch out the standard folder icon images on your computer for pretty ones?! Now you do.

I love that this set of desktop organizers has a twofold purpose: not only can it help wrangle a cluttered computer desktop, but it has aesthetic value too (which always makes my work days feel so much more enjoyable).

The set comes with a year’s worth of monthly desktop wallpaper calendars, 8 file folder colors, and 6 icons. With all of that, the combinations you can create are pretty major!

I’m sharing this free download with anybody who pre-orders The Happy Home between now and April 24! Just purchase the book and email an image of your receipt to [email protected] to get your bundle, along with easy-install instructions.

Stay Tuned

I’m looking forward to sharing more peeks behind the scenes of The Happy Home, so stay tuned! I’m so proud to say that I’m not only the author but also the photographer of the images in the book, and I think you’re going to love it all.

Don’t forget to pre-order! xoxo

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