The NEW Productivity Tool Kit Opens Tomorrow!

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Get ready to enroll in my online course that will help you get rid of overwhelm, accomplish your goals, stress less, and live more.

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FRIENDS! Tell me if any of these sound familiar.

“Feeling overwhelmed makes me less productive. If there’s too much on my plate I don’t even know where to start and my head just kind of explodes.”

“I’m a perfectionist, and if I don’t think I’m ready to do something perfectly, I just don’t do it at all. But then I feel bad for not doing it.”

“I’m a stay at home mom and I don’t even know some days WHAT I should try to get done. Do I have to be productive?”

“My biggest issue is prioritizing things. There’s just not enough time to have a clean house, eat well, work out, spend quality time with my partner, rock my career, spend time with friends, do self care, walk my dog, and sleep.”

Am I speaking straight to your heart right now? Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt any of these feelings!

The Productivity Tool Kit

The “Why” Behind the Tool Kit

Months ago, I had been having lots of conversations with my beautiful, amazing friends and colleagues about productivity, getting things done, and how it’s tied to our sense of worth.

And I noticed that the same themes kept popping up for them over and over again. Feelings of being overwhelmed. Of not knowing where to start, or even how to start accomplishing their goals.

Of not even being able to keep a handle on their to-do list. And of the sinking feeling of being less-than because they “don’t have it all together.”

When I realized that these themes were truly unifying among so many people that I know, I realized that I could do something about it. I could help. And that’s why I decided to create The Productivity Tool Kit.

The Productivity Tool Kit

What’s Different About This Approach to Productivity

I know, I know. You hear “productivity” (especially this year) and want to run the other way.

But you have to trust me — this is an approach that you’ve never tried.

It’s a whole, heartfelt, simplified take on productivity that’s not about hustling or doing it all. It’s about purpose, intention, and knowing the goals of your heart.

And then giving you the space and freedom to go after those goals.

This new, improved version of The Productivity Tool Kit has brand-new content additions that help you address the “why” behind your productivity. It’s full of guided journal sheets exploring your purpose, and digging into how to connect purpose to your goals.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’m so proud of the work and love and knowledge that I’ve poured into it, but even more than that, I’m excited because I know it will help people.

For almost ten years now, I’ve been a one-woman show at Lovely Indeed, and have built it into a six-figure business that supports our family. I did it all from home, and now I do it with kids.

And over those years, I’ve perfected the strategies and tools that I use to stay super productive in my work, so that now I can SHARE THEM WITH OTHERS.

The tools and strategies that are in The Productivity Tool Kit will help you stress less and live more. They’ll help take that feeling of overwhelm out of your everyday life. They’ll help you be present wherever you are, so that you are putting your best effort and energy into the things that you choose to do.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

I am TRULY on pins and needles waiting for tomorrow, because I’m so excited for people to get this course into their hands and lives.

Friends, this is gonna be so good. xoxo

The Productivity Tool Kit

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