sweet tooth // dulce de coco

So, you guys know that I have a sweet tooth, right? I mean, it’s kind of more than a sweet tooth. It’s like sweet fangs. I love sugar. I love candy, desserts — I’m pretty much a non-discriminatory sweets connoisseur. And on that note, let me introduce you to our new column, Sweet Tooth!

Up first, one of my very favorite Mexican candies. My sister threw me a bridal shower last year at an awesome Mexican restaurant in my hometown, and sprinkled these little babies all over the tables. My aunt was literally stuffing them in her purse because they’re so good. You guys, it’s dulce de coco!

Dulce de Coco

Seriously, if you like coconut, this stuff is all you need. One little square usually does the trick, and I like to nibble bit by bit to make it last. The texture is so great — kind of like a really dense and crumbly brownie. And it just tastes like you’re on a tropical island somewhere, without a care in the world! Mr. Lovely likes ’em too, so we have to ration them out.

Have you ever had dulce de coco? Do you like it? xoxo

Dulce de Coco

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  1. ha ha ha ha ha I am blessed to not like Mexican candy. Did you know that the cola companies have a formula for deliveries in Mexico that is sweeter than here? At least they did once, don’t know if that still happens. That’s what I don’t like about their candy–too sweet!

  2. I am Puerp Rican and my dad used to make as we called it Dulce de coco I wish I would have gotten the recipe omg so delicious when I went to Puerto Rico 4 yrs ago we had the coconut candy they even make it with pineapple I bought back some to the states