diy wild animal magnets

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Hey animals!  I’ve got a fun DIY for you today that uses everyone’s favorite trend — the plastic animal.  We’re making these crazy, mix-and-matchable, wild animal magnets!

First, gather your materials:

  • plastic animals
  • small saw or hot knife
  • drill
  • tiny, super-strong magnets
  • thin magnet sheets
  • superglue

Start by cutting your animals in half with either a saw or a hot knife.  After they’re all halved, use a drill bit the same size as your magnet to drill a shallow hole into both sides of the animal.  It should only be as deep as it needs to be for your tiny magnets to fit inside.

Next, superglue a tiny magnet in each hole, ensuring that on each animal, the positive polarity is on the front half of the animal and the negative polarity is on the back half of the animal.  This way you’ll be able to mix and match the animals later.  (I did my ostrich wrong, so his front end is only attracted to other front ends!)  Then, superglue a magnet sheet over the tiny magnets and trim around the edges.

That’s it!  Now you have a super-fun menagerie to keep your fridge company!  I gave mine to my niece to use on her magnetic chalkboard.  I’m thinking it will also be a cool way for her to learn the names of all the animals.  But I’m not gonna lie — Mr. Lovely and I made ourselves some, too.  There’s a happy little triceratops on our refrigerator as we speak.  xoxo

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