Road Trip, Party of Four

Scenic vista

Cherry blossoms

We’ve taken a few day trips since Maggie came along, but this was our first longer trip as a party of four! We headed back down for a few days in our old LA hood and it felt so good to get out of town. Now that the little one is more and more a person every day, we’re getting our travel plans in order and we’re excited to be hitting the road more.

The kids did great (see here for all of our travel tips with kids!) and we were so happy to spend some time with our LA friends. I helped out at a dear friend’s baby shower and got to pat her little baby bump. We hit up Universal Studios for a few hours to see all of the Harry Potter stuff, but Henry was mostly excited to hug a Minion. He also got his very first barbershop haircut, which was the most adorable (we usually cut his hair at home). We ate at some of our favorite Studio City spots, and I was even able to sneak away for a mani with a friend and some shopping at Bonjour Fete, the cutest little new shop on Ventura.

I took my big camera but forgot a memory card, so these snaps are all old-school blog post style, straight out of my phone. Which maybe is a little bit refreshing? Because this is truly what our trip looked like. Playgrounds, baby snuggles, a little sunshine, and a lot of fun. xoxo

Paper poppy centerpieces

Culver Hotel

Hogwarts Castle

Boy hugging a minion

Baby snuggles

Toddler's first haircut


Boy eating a waffle

Bonjour Fete

Bonjour Fete

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  1. Love those pictures! I am still knocked over by the funny, funny person who thought to make a movie involving the word, Minions!!!!! That is HILARIOUS, you funny writer, whoever you are! 😀