I Am the…


I started thinking the other day about the delegation of duties between myself and the hubs and how interesting it is which jobs fell to which person. Some of them are very traditional (he mows the lawn, I do the laundry), and some of them seem totally random. It made me want to start listing out all the things that I am in our family, just to see it on paper. I even asked Ryan and he came up with some that I never would have thought of (apparently I’m the only one who puts gas in the car?!). So here’s my list. Leave me a list of a few of the things that you are! xoxo

thank-you card writer
laundry washer
vacation planner
barf cleaner
ukulele player
closet organizer
cupboard cleaner
party planner
bottle washer
dish doer
suitcase packer
dust bunny wrangler
early riser
memory recorder
gas getter

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  1. This is such a great activity! I’m totally going to try this with my husband and the kiddos tonight 🙂

  2. Now that we have a baby, we’ve really dug down into our roles. My amazing hubby is the first person I’ve really trusted to depend on. He makes all our meals. He changes most of the dirty diapers. He reads every manual about baby-related items. I’m the financial planner. The strategist. The list maker. And I can function on a few cat naps in between breast feeding, for quite a while. I try to let him sleep long stretches when I can quiet the babe. He takes such good care of our family and we’re all less stressed if we can play up each other’s strengths and pick up the slack where we can. Great post.

  3. I am not married, but I moved in with my partner a year ago, and am now the

    alarm in the morning
    laundry washer
    dish washer
    file organiser
    organiser in general
    event planner
    list writer

    whilst he is the chauffeur, cooker, vacuumer, bug killer, bed maker, bill tracker, bin emptier, and a back-up person for any of my jobs when I just need some “me” time!

  4. I love this! My wife does a L O T around the house, but I am the…

    laundry doer
    late-night reader
    dog walker
    birthday rememberer
    bath taker
    sheets changer
    gift wrapper
    card writer
    classic rock listener